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Gli spot di Pocket Coffee con Montella e Vieri dedicati al calcio

Uno "Space Jam" tutto italiano

Gli spot di Pocket Coffee con Montella e Vieri dedicati al calcio Uno Space Jam tutto italiano

There was a time when TV commercials starring athletes in general and footballers in particular could be said to be fashionable. Nike, adidas built and consolidated their brands through these sports, which remained in the minds of every fan. Impossible not to know Nike's various football dedicated, such as "The cage" or those of "Joga Bonito", the same goes for adidas that with "Impossible is Nothing" made us live real dreams, making the most iconic and representative players of several generations play together. Not only the two sportswear giants, in the various brands have relied on footballers to enhance and refresh their perception, Pepsi is a perfect example, over the years the soft drink company has given us iconic commercials featuring athletes of the calibre of David Beckham and Francesco Totti. But among the many there is one that has passed into obscurity and is certainly difficult to remember, starring some of the leading Italian players of the late 1990s, such as Bobo Vieri and Vincenzo Montella, made by Pocket Coffee.

Everything points to a perfect copy of 'Space Jam', given the mode and format used. In fact, the players are flying to an unknown destination when, almost magically, a packet of Pocket Coffee appears in front of them. Upon arriving at the field, the players seem to be in a stratospheric state of form, and in fact as soon as the supposed antagonists try to challenge the players, they immediately run away, as if they already knew all about it. A commercial that has fallen into oblivion, perhaps due to its not-so-innovative plot, but it remains a small piece of history that takes us back in time, when Serie A was the most competitive league in the world.