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Merino wool takes over Nissan’s Formula E team kit

A new era is blooming

Merino wool takes over Nissan’s Formula E team kit A new era is blooming

Last week, the collaboration between the Formula E Nissan Team and The Woolmark Company was revealed during a special event in Madrid. For Season 9 of the all-electric series, The Woolmark Company becomes Nissan’s technical partner and developed an innovative Merino wool team kit. This concept brings a new degree of technical layering to the tracks, and merges innovation and sustainability. The uniforms take advantage of Merino wool’s natural properties to maximize performance and comfort for the whole team, with quality and durability in mind. The team kit is composed of base-layers, mid-layers, outer-layers and includes an average of 50% Merino wool.

"We have pioneered the use of wool around the world, collaborating with leading brands on the development of materials, functionality and aesthetics to constantly innovate. The Nissan Formula E Team has the ambition to do things differently and is redefining the way we wear wool by bringing the fibre's innate performance into motorsport," said Woolmark CEO John Roberts.

A true revolution that allows Nissan to use a 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable and recyclable fibre for the first time in the history of a racing championship, with the aim of becoming ever more durable. Indeed, Nissan is pursuing its goal to achieve carbon neutrality in all its operations and in the life cycle of its products by 2050. The new merino wool racing kit will make its Formula E debut in Mexico with the first GP on 14 January and will be used throughout the season, until the final race in London. This collaboration redefines the way wool is worn, bringing the fibre's innate performance into the Formula E track fast life. A step forward, also underlined by Tommaso Volpe, Managing Director of the Nissan Formula E Team, during the evening: “The collaboration with The Woolmark Company was a natural but conscious decision for us, as we continue to look for more sustainable solutions in line with Nissan's commitment. It is a different championship with different objectives, in a competition that is close to young people, who put sustainability and electrification of the cars first. It's a motorsport project but it definitely goes beyond that. When we spoke to Woolmark, we were excited since the first moment, we wanted to amaze people by setting a unique record.”

Learn more about the partnership, here.