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How the national teams unveiled their World Cup call-ups

From Uruguay to England many videos made the rounds of the web in no time

How the national teams unveiled their World Cup call-ups From Uruguay to England many videos made the rounds of the web in no time

The World Cup in Qatar is just around the corner. The inaugural match between the hosts and Equador is still missing, which will give the starting whistle to the first World Cup to be played in winter and with the football season still in progress. The 32 participating national teams are preparing for the start of the competition and, after presenting their official uniforms, have also unveiled the call-ups of the players who will take part in the tournament. And to fit into this era of social and multimedia content in the best possible way, they have created emotional videos that in some cases have proved to be very touching, as well as extremely original, and that have made the rounds of the web in no time. 

Uruguay and the promotion of national tourism

One of the most exciting videos is certainly that of Uruguay. The South American country's federation has collaborated with Visit Uruguay, the organisation that promotes tourism in the South American nation, to make a film that begins with coach Diego Alonso opening a map and immediately afterwards goes on a region-by-region journey, touching on the cities where each of the players summoned were born. The video features the Celeste fans, who reveal the names of the players who will take part in the World Cup by showing the name on the back of the official shirt.

Qatar's call-up murals 

Among the videos of the convocations, that of Qatar, the host country of the event, could not be missing. In the film, in Arabic and English, the players called up by coach Sanchez are revealed through murals dedicated to them on the walls of the city streets. The post was particularly successful on the Arabic account of the selection with almost 600,000views

Switzerland's most significant places

Like Uruguay, Switzerland has also tried to give a touristcore feel to the video dedicated to coach Yakin's call-up. After a beginning that immortalises the Swiss landscapes amidst the green nature and the snow on the mountains, the shirts of the players who will take part in the Qatari expedition are placed in the most significant places of the nation and then worn by the Swiss fans. 

Australia between past and present

Instead, Australia decided to mix the national team's football past with more recent periods. In the video, in fact, images from the selection's past are shown together with players who have written important pages in the Socceroos' history. All of this is followed by coach Arnold's players, who do not arrive in Qatar with favourable predictions.

The Danish stickers

Ahead of the World Cup in Qatar, the Danish federation has launched the #ForDenmark hashtgag that will accompany Eriksen&co throughout the competition. In the emotional video posted on the national team's social media, the cameras go to some of the most beautiful places in the country, which are associated with the stickers of the players summoned by coach Kasper Hjulmand. The film then ends with the Danish coach lifting the veil from a blackboard on which the complete squad is displayed. 

Saudi Arabia and Coach Renard role

A short film starring coach Renard: that is how the video produced by Saudi Arabia to announce the World Cup squad could be summarised. The film starts with the coach waking up in the morning and beginning his training routine between the pitch and the gym. These moments are interspersed with flashes of the coach walking around the nation's most famous sights. Arriving at the King Fahd Stadium, the coach then reveals the names of the players who will take part in the World Cup expedition. 

The cartoon style England

England chose a style similar to the cartoons for their video. The Football Association has created graphics in which the holy places for English fans are shown, from the bedrooms in which there are posters of their idols, to the living rooms dominated by a maxi-screen on which some of the players called up appear. All to arrive inside a pub where the strikers called up by England coach Southgate are announced.