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Best 8 pattern jerseys of the next World Cup

A challenge that is also played out on jerseys

Best 8 pattern jerseys of the next World Cup A challenge that is also played out on jerseys

With less than a month to go before the first kickoff of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 scheduled for November 20 between the hosts and Ecuador, the technical sponsors and federations have unveiled the new kits that will accompany the teams on their global adventure. As always, in the run-up to such an important appointment, jerseys are made that are able to stick in the collective memory and become small fans cults. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through the use of all-over patterns and designs that indelibly characterize the game kit. We have chosen the eight that impressed us the most and that we look forward to seeing on the fields of the World Cup.

Ecuador Away - Marathon

Let's start with the first team to take the field against the Qatari hosts, Marathon-sponsored Ecuador since 1996, which for the Central American nation's return to the World Cup chose a tone-on-tone geometric pattern with a Latin American flavor for its away jersey.

France Away - Nike

For the transalpine national team's away jersey, Nike was inspired by the Toile de Jouy, the decorative fabric created in the 18th century, which here includes the cockerel, the Arc de Triomphe and the Clairefontaine football center where the French selection's retreats are held. It is certainly an innovative choice that will dress Paul Pogba and teammates. 

Mexico Away - adidas

Mexico's second jersey is one of the most intriguing of the upcoming World Cup with a design on the center section in red and white inspired by Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent deity worshipped by the Aztec people, and confirming the federation's investment in the roots of the Central American nation.

Japan Home - adidas

Another of the most anticipated jerseys is Japan's, inspired by origami folds and launched through the covers of the Rising Sun's most famous sports manga, Blue Lock and Giant Killing. A jersey that reiterates the importance of spokons in the Japanese soccer tradition and will find many admirers abroad as well.

Tunisia Home - Kappa

Tunisia, along with Kappa, has also decided to pay homage to their country's cultural and historical tradition by creating a design on the front of the jersey that recalls Ksour Essef cuirass, a bronze artifact that legend has it was worn by the famous Carthaginian leader. 

Brazil Home - Nike

For the Seleção home jersey Nike chose a brighter and lighter color than usual, almost phosphorescent, and made a leopard pattern that glows in the dark. Certainly a novelty for one of the most iconic jerseys in football history, and one that has created a fair amount of controversy both at home and abroad. 

Saudi Arabia Away - Nike

The Saudi team has relied on Nike for the new set of jerseys in which they will take the field in neighboring Qatar, with the U.S. brand producing an away version in green with a darker pattern covering the entire figure. Like a bush carried by the wind in the desert, so Hervé Renard's national team hopes to spread the cards at the upcoming World Cup.

South Korea Away - Nike

The Korean national team also chose a colorful pattern on their away jersey, to be precise inspired by the Taegeuk, the symbol of the Korean flag that represents national pride and the balance between sky (blue) and earth (red).