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Long sleeves are officially back

And the latest national team matches confirm this

Long sleeves are officially back And the latest national team matches confirm this

It is still September, one of those months when no one knows how to dress between the last hot and the first cold, a perfect climate that allows footballers not to wear thermal shirts yet but long sleeves. And it is precisely the latter, after an absence of five years, that have come back to dominate the aesthetics of the most watched sport in the world, except for a small minority of players such as Cristiano Ronaldo who still continued to wear them. A style that had been almost completely lost along with the high collar and that this year has made a comeback thanks to brands like adidas or teams like Venezia and Real Madrid, who have fished two of the most iconic elements of their tradition out of the archives. 

But in addition to the clubs, confirming how long sleeves are back in vogue, the national teams have also started to wear them again in view of the upcoming World Cup in Qatar starting in mid-November. That of the brands to make long-sleeved models again was therefore not a random choice and matured in a period in which the attention for game jerseys is on the rise, as demonstrated by the fashion weeks where the best designers have alternated and mixed great handicraft garments with purely football garments, up to the social, where this year the trend called 'bloke core' has gone crazy on TikTok. A detail with an undoubtedly vintage flavour, which takes us back to the old baggy and oversize models when technical materials were not yet used as they are today, and which gives the jersey a definitely more lifestyle dimension, confirming once again how jerseys are now not only destined to be worn on Sundays to go to the stadium, but throughout the week.