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The stylistic evolution of football club coaches

In the world of football, customised team coaches have become increasingly important

The stylistic evolution of football club coaches In the world of football, customised team coaches have become increasingly important

Jerseys, scarves, dazzle of all kinds, gadgets but not only. To represent a football team, to make the corporate colours iconic, to express a motto or simply to be recognisable in the eyes of the fans, there are also the coaches of the various clubs throughout Europe. In the last decade, the evolution in style, as well as in marketing, has been one of the turning points for football clubs, which have almost competed to see who could equip themselves with the most original, modern, equipped and colourful bus on the market. The coaches had to be equipped with every comfort, so that the footballers could enjoy the journey carrying the team from their hotels to the football pitch in the best possible way. A kind of temple where the club members, from the players to the coaching staff, can concentrate and get into the right spirit ahead of the match. But not only that, the bus also collects post-match feelings, whether positive or negative, and must therefore be perfectly welcoming. 

Buses have thus become an indispensable element for clubs. A sort of large advertising poster on four, if not more, wheels that carries the brand of the team they belong to around the streets of the various cities.

Juventus, from the bianconero coach to the club motto


In recent years, Juventus has shown two different types of coach in particular, both of which are unique. In 2018, the Turin club decided to overhaul the previous predominantly black coach by putting on the road an unmistakable totally black-and-white zebra-striped one with Juventus written on the sides and roof of the coach. The livery was designed by Garage Italia, the company founded by Lapo Elkann. Inside the Iveco bus, the leather seats were also reminiscent of black and white, with a logo on the headrests. The concept takes up the idea of the black and white wave, an unstoppable wave that is expressed both in the team's successes on the pitch and through the enthusiasm of the fans. 

Since the 2020 season, however, Juventus has switched from an 'extravagant' coach to a simpler one. This time it was the Bianconeri fans who chose the look of the transport vehicle through a vote on the Socios platform. Total black, with the club's name on the right side and the words 'Live Ahead' on the left side, signifying the mentality and DNA of the Italian club on and off the pitch.

Red and black, the Milan bus 


In 2018, when Rino Gattuso was still at the helm of the first team, AC Milan presented their new coach. A big red devil, on the black base of the bus, stylised on the side. On the right and left are two phrases that are also the motto of the marketing campaign to present the vehicle: red as fire, black as fear. A 'bad' bus to put opponents in awe right from the start. 

Cleaner', on the other hand, is the bus with which the reigning Italian champions have been travelling since 2012. Always a black base with light red stripes, the club's shield in the middle on both sides with the team motto 'Always Milan', Sempre Milan, a phrase also used as a hashtag at the end of all club communications. 

The Napoli bus and praise for Maradona


This year, Napoli decided to give their representative coach a makeover and to do so, they focused on the club legend Diego Armando Maradona. On the left side is the face of the Pibe de Oro, designed by Giuseppe Klain, as depicted on last season's commemorative jerseys, with the Argentine in action wearing the Seleccion uniform at his side. On the right side of the bus, on the other hand, again D10S dribbling with the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius in the background. Also present is the inscription 'I will be with you', a quotation from one of the choruses dearest to the Neapolitan fans. 

Iconic moments on the road for Manchester City

In England, Manchester City is one of the clubs that over the years has presented a wide variety of coaches season after season. The common factor, however, is always the same: on the sides, moments from the club's past season are depicted in giant pictures. In the foreground, the club's motto 'We Are City' also stands out, which gives a sense of close affiliation between team and fans. 

Atletico Madrid, the masterpiece of technology 


In December 2021, Atletico Madrid presented their new representation coach. A masterpiece of technology with maximum comfort for its passengers. Obviously painted white and red, the sides of the bus bear the inscription 'Otra forma de entender la vida', one side in Spanish and the other in English: 'Another way of understanding life'. Inside there is an entertainment system consisting of 9'' touch screens placed on the backrests, as well as a 220V socket and a USB charger. 

The Inter bus cameras


The Inter bus together with Air Pullman, the official supplier of the Nerazzurri club, presents an innovation to give fans a truly special experience. There is in fact 'bus cam' technology, a system of eight internal and external cameras that will allow the Nerazzurri supporters to live, on the club's official social channels and on Inter TV, the moments that bring the team closer to the various matches. On the sides and on the roof, the word INTER in big letters, while on the back and on the doors the Nerazzurri claim Not For Everyone

Anthem on the Lazio bus

Since the end of 2021, Lazio presents itself at the Stadio Olimpico with a coach that has immediately made the fans fall in love with it. A large eagle on both sides, the symbol of the team, but above all the writing S.S. Lazio on the windows, which has a beautiful peculiarity in itself: the name of the club is in fact transcribed using the words of Lazio's official anthem. 

The Bayern Munich eBus


This summer, Bayern Munich renewed its partnership with German bus manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus. The Bavarian club, always in search of innovation and modernity, decided to enter the world of zero emissions in order to raise awareness among its fans. The company has in fact provided the club with the Lion's City E, the manufacturer's first 100% electric bus, which will be responsible for transporting Bayern from the sports centre to the airport. 

"Sponsorship with sports clubs is a well-established brand communication tool for us, it helps to charge the brand emotionally and position our products," said Marc Lagendorf, Head of Communications and Institutional Affairs at Man Truck & Bus. 

Pisa looks to innovation


Even in Serie B there are those who want to brand themselves and enter the world of customised coaches. This is the case of Pisa, which recently presented the team's new official bus in collaboration with Molesti Viaggi. Nerazzurri social colours and a special bond with the city. The Pisa inscription that fills the entire façade bears, in fact, a clear reference to Pisa's most iconic monument: the Tower of Pisa, which takes the place of the read 'i'. 

As also announced by President Corrado, the new coach will also have the intention of putting sponsors in the foreground and, above all, it will have the task of finding sponsors, with spaces left empty specifically for their inclusion. 

The Lion of... Lyon


Lyon toured France, and beyond, with an animalier style coach. On the side there is a giant picture of a lion's head, a clear reference to the club's name. In addition to the king of the savannah, also the team motto 'Unis pour Rugir' (United to roar) with the letter 'g' transformed into the mouth of a roaring lion.