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Napoli will make 12 jerseys again this year

This was stated by President De Laurentiis himself during an interview

Napoli will make 12 jerseys again this year This was stated by President De Laurentiis himself during an interview

If there is one team that surprised in the previous season with the number of kits released, it is certainly Napoli. Aurelio De Laurentiis' team in its debut season with EA7 presented 12 different jerseys for the movement players and 3 for the goalkeepers, marking a record - fortunately - never before achieved by another team. And the Campania president apparently stated in an interview with radio Kiss Kiss that the Azzurri will opt for the same strategy again this year, releasing the same staggering number of jerseys. A truly high number, which even Paris Saint Germain, who since the 2018 season have entrusted part of the production to Jordan while remaining under Nike, have never reached, always stopping at four. In the Italian top flight the exact same strategy is adopted by other clubs, with Juventus and AC Milan always stopping at four in the previous season.

Unlike last year there will be no delays, during the same interview president De Laurentiis anticipated that the new shirt will be presented on Wednesday 27, during a friendly. Giorgio Armani's EA7 debut season with Napoli in fact had not exactly started well. Barely a month after the start of last season - players and staff at the Dimaro retreat - they had not worn anything from the new line. For that reason, Napoli decided to put a patch on it, including with an 'SSC Napoli' patch all the material (polo shirts, shirts, training and game shirts). This year no delays, the schedule should be respected, with the brand ready to deliver the technical material 15 days before the start of the championship.

It is true that since there is no limit to the number of shirts that can be adopted in a single season, Napoli's strategy seems confusing, with the high risk of both stressing the market and the fans' patience. Last year, in fact, 3 of the 15 jerseys were dedicated to Maradona on the first anniversary of his death, so it seems unlikely that for the third year in a row the Campania club will repeat the same strategy. Beyond everything, however, the path is set, Napoli will have a record number of jerseys this year too, Aurelio De Laurentiis' word.