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The price of season tickets in Serie A

With stadiums finally at full capacity, here's how much it will cost to follow your favorite team all season long

The price of season tickets in Serie A With stadiums finally at full capacity, here's how much it will cost to follow your favorite team all season long

The date of August 13 when the next Serie A season will begin is fast approaching, and teams are already busy with their respective season ticket campaigns, with full stadiums for the first time in the past three years. Some clubs are already in phase two of the campaign, having received important feedback from their fans, such as AC Milan, Inter, Juventus, Roma, Atalanta, Bologna and newly promoted Lecce and Monza. Prices for the various season tickets, however, vary from team to team, stadium to stadium and sector to sector. 

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To follow the upcoming season of the Italian Champions at the San Siro for all Serie A matches and for the first Coppa Italia game from a minimum of 199 euros for the central Third Ring to a maximum of 3,200 for the Tribuna d'Onore while for the curves you need from 280 euros to 400 depending on the sector. Different prices for Inter Milan, who for their own #IMInterista campaign expect a cost of 525 euros for the Central Third Ring rising to 2,650 euros for the Central Red Armchair. The curves, on the other hand, start from 325 euros for the third ring to 445 euros for the first.

AS Roma decided to launch two season ticket campaigns, one for the league and the other for the European Cups, finding excellent response from fans. The prices to follow the Giallorossi at the Olimpico in the league start from 378 euros for the Curva Sud up to 845 euros for the Central Tribune in "Tevere" and 914 for the Central in Tribuna Monte Mario. Juventus, on the other hand, has decided to launch its season tickets at the Stadium at significantly higher prices than the other Serie A teams, with prices ranging from 650 euros for the Curva to the Tribuna Centrale for which they need up to 2,560 euros

For Atalanta's home matches, the new U.S. ownership has chosen to make prices more affordable, with the Curva Sud Morosini on sale for 215 euros, while the Tribuna d'Onore Nerazzurra is sold for 3,600 euros. Bologna, on the other hand, has launched its "Passione Senza Limiti" campaign, already surpassing 5,000 cards detached. Prices for the Rossoblù range from 210 euros for the Curva Giacomo Bulgarelli via 370 euros for the Distinti to 1,330 euros for the Poltrona Gold at the dall'Ara.

The newly promoted teams have decided to take advantage of the long wave of promotion enthusiasm by immediately launching their season ticket campaigns. Serie B champions Lecce with their "Il via del mare è casa nostra" campaign put on sale Curve and Distinti for new subscribers at 305 euros, poltronissima instead at 1650 euros and Tribuna VIP at 2,500 euros. To follow Monza's first Serie A season, 250 euros are needed for the Curva Sud and 1,400 euros for the Tribuna Ovest. The East Stand, on the other hand, will be put on sale when the renovations promised by President Berlusconi are completed. Same problem for Cremonese, which will begin its season ticket campaign as soon as there is clarity on the work to adapt the Zini for Serie A.