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What the stadiums of the newly promoted teams in Serie A look like

From Cremona via Lecce to newcomer Monza, all are working towards a Serie A stadium

What the stadiums of the newly promoted teams in Serie A look like From Cremona via Lecce to newcomer Monza, all are working towards a Serie A stadium

After a long sequence of matches, last-day overtakes and unexpected promotions, now the newly promoted teams Lecce, Cremonese and Monza are required to bring their stadiums up to standard for Italy's top division. The Lega Calcio has very strict regulations, quite different from the Lega B, for playing fields that all teams, including the newly promoted ones, are required to comply with to the letter. The only exemption is granted only to promoted clubs that have more time to fix their stadium, but in the meantime they are still obliged to play their matches in the nearest (compliant) stadium. And if in Monza they were already arranging for the U-Power Stadium to be modern and functional, in Lecce and Cremona the situation is slightly different. 

Monza was the team to move first, the renovation work in fact of the old Briganteo started in 2019 but was not completed due to the pandemic. Berlusconi and Galliani now, however, do not want to let this great opportunity slip through their fingers, renovating the stadium and building a great team for the top flight are the next points to be cleared quickly. The dream of the "biancorossa" club is to bring the stadium to a capacity of 25,000 people and permanently open the grandstand next to the two curves. Not only stadium, however, Monza also aims to redevelop the spaces in front of it, giving the city and the neighbouring municipalities new spaces. 

After 26 years, Cremona will return to Serie A and the management is already ready to fix up the Zini. The first finishing touches to be done concern the lighting system, the hall and the press box, as well as the turf, which has already been under maintenance for several weeks. The hope is that by the end of all the work mentioned above, the moving of the benches, the stadium will be able to accommodate around 15 thousand people. The works, however, will not be finished in time and the newly-promoted team will certainly have to play their first matches either away from home or in a neutral stadium. The Zini is still an excellent stadium, however, without an athletics track and to which full coverage could soon be applied. 

After having been in Lombardy, we now come to Puglia, precisely to the Via Del Mare, the home of Lecce. Unlike the other two, Lecce is the team that has played the most times in the top division, its last time being just three years ago. For this reason, the stadium does not need any renovations or special work. Already a couple of years ago, the athletics track was completely repainted and the seats were changed, giving the stadium a new and certainly better look. In short, everything is ready in Lecce, the only problem is still the track, which, as in many other stadiums in Italy, restricts the spectator's view and does not help to get into the heart of the match.