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José Mourinho also conquered TikTok

"I am José Mourinho

José Mourinho also conquered TikTok I am José Mourinho

That in Rome, the Portuguese coach has returned, if not to his results, to the usual communication that characterised the best part of his career, is there for all to see. In a press conference that lasted just a few minutes, José Mourinho won over the city of Tirana, demanding unconditional support even before the match. And the response of the Albanians was not long in coming, as the fans hung a huge banner on the main building of the University of Tirana depicting the coach aboard the iconic Vespa used for his presentation.

In addition to the Albanian city, José Mourinho has also conquered TikTok a few weeks ago. The Chinese social network is in fact full of videos with the coach's audio extracted from advertisements shot for UEFA. The advertisement lasts over a minute, but what won over all TikTok users were the opening words: 'I am José Mourinho'. Four simple words that are used to extol and attest to the success of an arduous task accomplished. Mourinho thus becomes a sort of metaphor for impossible feats, after all it could not be otherwise for a coach who in his career has been able to bring home 33 trophies, including that unforgettable Champions League won with Porto.

@afcbournemouthofficial #afcb #football #fyp #harryarter #premierleague I am José Mourinho - AS Roma

After the Bloke Core, a trend that mixes football and fashion, now it is the turn of José Mourinho. Something that demonstrates the strength of TikTok as a platform capable of giving life to or bringing together subcultures, trends and simple enthusiasts, while on the other hand there is once again the strength of revival, in dredging up an advertisement shot a few months ago and passed into obscurity. What is certain, however, is that the Portuguese player in the season of his return to Italy, after ten years of absence, was able to conquer just about everyone, from the fans to the aficionados, including the web.