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Manchester United returns to the past with a vintage collection

A true '90s throwback from adidas

Manchester United returns to the past with a vintage collection A true '90s throwback from adidas

After the disappointing season that saw Manchester United definitely out of the Champions League zone and in the middle between Europe and the Conference League, the club decided to go back in time by releasing a special collection with a vintage flavour together with adidas. It's a dip into the past, back to the early 90s when the Red Devils were racking up title after title and were virtually unbeatable and a certain Alex Ferguson was on the bench. The collection consists of nine different items, featuring the two faithful reproductions of the players' jersey and the goalkeeper's jersey from the 91/92 season strictly with the iconic adidas Trefoil logo. In addition to the retro jerseys, which are undoubtedly the standout items in the collection, there are tracksuits, sweatshirts, T-shirts and shorts, also taken from that golden era.

"We wanted to perfectly capture the essence of the early 90s, a truly golden era for the club. We dug deep into our archives and were very inspired by the magazine sales catalogues of those years and their unique aesthetic and atmosphere." 

This is not the first time that adidas has brought a vintage collection to life with one of its flagship teams. A few months ago it was Arsenal's turn to dust off some of its most iconic patterns and designs for all its nostalgic fans, again with adidas. These collections are certainly no coincidence, in the last ten years the market for vintage football shirts has grown by leaps and bounds, turning into a real business. On the other hand, the market for jerseys in the 90s was not as developed as it is today and buying a reproduction was not as simple and immediate as it is today. Thus, taking advantage of the hype that some of these designs carry with them, many brands have decided to reopen their archives and give fans historical jerseys, such as these two Manchester jersey, which have gone down in history not only for the trophies won but also for their design.