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Napoli could build a new stadium

This possibility was opened up by the city's mayor

Napoli could build a new stadium This possibility was opened up by the city's mayor

A new stadium for the city of Naples and for Aurelio De Laurentiis' club? Something is possible, in fact today the mayor of the capital of Campania Gaetano Manfredi, speaking at the microphones of Radio Punto Nuovo opened to this possibility. Despite the recent renovation work that has undoubtedly improved the appearance of a stadium that had been increasingly neglected in recent years, the idea of having a stadium owned by the De Laurentiis family, who have been working in recent weeks to find a solution for Bari, since timeshares are no longer allowed. Here is exactly what the mayor said: "Looking at what is happening in other cities, the main driver is the football team, the club's desire to renovate or build a new stadium. We are open to any kind of reasoning. The primary interest we have is to give a decent home to the Napoli team, but also a place that is comfortable for the fans. It is not an operation that only the city administration can do, it also takes the will and decision of the football club," Manfredi said."

Just a few weeks ago we talked about the disastrous situation of the stadiums in Italy and the pompous structures announced and then never realised, which ended up in oblivion along with all the good intentions. Italy's last big chance to get a makeover was the 1990 World Cup, and from then on it slowly fell into an oblivion from which only a few lucky clubs managed to re-emerge. The Maradona is one of those stadiums that was improved and enlarged for the World Cup but still has an athletic track that does not allow the fans to enjoy every game. A total demolition of the current stadium would perhaps be too expensive, so the city administration has opened the door to the construction of a new modern and functional facility that can accommodate fans 7 days a week. We will see if, as in most cases, everything will end up in oblivion or Naples and Neapolitans will actually have a new home.