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The inspirations behind the new Bari shirt designed by LC23 and Kappa

We talked about it with Leonardo Colacicco, founder of LC23

The inspirations behind the new Bari shirt designed by LC23 and Kappa We talked about it with Leonardo Colacicco, founder of LC23

"I liked the idea of wearing the animal symbol of the city on a shirt but at the same time I wanted to make it unique and in step with the times. This is the intention of Leonardo Colacicco, founder of LC23, the 100% made in Puglia brand which, with the support of Kappa, has worked to create a unique collection under the sign of the octopus, the animal symbol of the city of Bari. "The polyp is one of the symbols of the city, it's a bit of a stereotype, it's been used a lot over the years (perhaps too much) so I thought I'd use it but in a different way, never seen before. I started working on patterns, playing with colours and experimenting a bit. The thing that struck me from the start was the similarity with Paisley, the pattern obtained by representing the boteh or buta, a drop-shaped plant motif. A super trendy pattern that gives you that feeling of having the octopus on you."

There are two main concepts behind the special pack, which is rightfully one of the best collaborations of the year, the polyp and the name "La Bari", as the team was called until the 1970s and as the true fans of the red and white colours continue to call it today. "I liked the idea of bringing the animal symbol of the city on a jersey but at the same time making it fashionable and special. The intention was to create a jersey for everyone, mixing identity and tradition, attracting both an adult audience more attached to these two dynamics and a younger audience because of its look." 

A jersey created and designed to pay homage to the city, but as Leonardo explained to us in the days spent with him, before, during and after the match, it is a jersey that was created above all to be worn off the pitch. "Being a great football fan, the jersey is everything to me, it has an important meaning, it is one of those elements that unites people, ideologies, one of the strongest elements that exist in the world. I designed the Bari shirt so that I could see it on the street, I would like to see it worn on the beach in the summer or under a suit jacket.

From the street to the field, because despite his intentions Leonardo confessed to us that seeing it worn by the players aroused emotions in him that cannot be described, too strong. "When the players come out of the locker room and enter the field that for me is one of the key moments of the game. It's a key moment, where you want to charge the team, there's loud music and to see them do all that wearing their pre-match gear was already a great emotion. I can't tell you when they took off their sweatshirts and started to play, it was a huge emotion."

An almost perfect day, despite the emotion. Almost, because the red and white team despite being pushed by 22 thousand spectators (marking a record attendance for both the Lega Pro and Serie B) will not be able to bring home the victory, remaining stuck in the fabric woven by an attentive Andria that played with courage showing not to fear the first in the standings. It is only a matter of time though, Bari are now missing a few points to obtain the mathematical certainty of promotion, which could arrive already this Sunday in Latina.

Of course, it would have been really special to obtain the promotion at home and with a shirt dedicated to the city, but there is no need to despair, the appointment is only postponed. A matter of time, 90 minutes or maybe 180 to get out of the third Italian category where the Apulian team has been playing for four years now. The end of hell, if we can call it that, is just a step away, after the two bankruptcies in four years and the serenity found thanks to the De Laurentiis family (owner of the club biancorossa) now the city can return to the categories that most compete, for blazon and importance.

"We want a great Bari," exclaimed Luigi De Laurentiis, the club's president, a few weeks ago, and the road seems to be marked out and ready to be taken. In addition to the sporting rebirth, Bari, thanks to the skilful work of LC23 and Kappa, is also preparing to renew and bring back its aesthetics, demonstrating how identity, tradition and fashion can coexist, creating a perfect mix for a jersey that has already activated the usual resell mechanisms, reaching truly insane figures.