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Fiorentina has changed its logo

The new visual identity will make its debut in the next season

Fiorentina has changed its logo The new visual identity will make its debut in the next season

As a surprise, Fiorentina today presented the restyling of its visual identity, showing the logo that will be used from the 2022/23 football season. The presentation of the new logo is accompanied by a video that gives body and voice to the Club's first Manifesto, also unveiled today. "The Manifesto is the affirmation of the Club's identity, of its deepest roots, but it is also the declaration of a commitment: that of ensuring that Viola football is always distinctive, authentic, close to the people, an expression of the beauty of the city of Florence and of the non-conformist and passionate spirit of the Florentines, projected towards a new sporting Renaissance and full of ambition." Compared to the previous one, the new logo will have a new shape created specifically to enhance the angular and unmistakable structure that has always distinguished the Club's trademarks, and the colours, lettering and shapes have also been simplified to adapt to modern times.

"The process of change was born with the aim of bringing Fiorentina to be a global brand, making the most of our clear uniqueness, our heritage of values and history, intrinsically intertwined with those of one of the most loved clubs in the world. Building a brand that is strongly oriented towards the future, capable of capturing the hearts of its fans around the world and driven by the ambition to be an inspiration to an increasingly wide and varied community, is the challenge that Fiorentina is facing."

PLAY TO BE DIFFERENT will be the brand claim that will distinguish the club's communications from now on, an invitation from the purple club to always seek, on and off the pitch, its own authentic way of interpreting and living football. PLAY TO BE DIFFERENT is not just a claim, for the purple club it also represents an ambition, a goal, that of giving the beauty of sport back to people, of taking to the field for authentic, sincere and human football. 

A totally unexpected change, just in the season in which Fiorentina had decided to put on the old fleur-de-lis from the 1980s, as desired by the Pontello presidency. In the Kappa jerseys this year, the company had opted for the stylised lily inside a white circle bordered in purple along with the F, the team's initial, a change that presaged the return of the old logo, but this will not be the case.