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All technical sponsors of Formula One racing teams

What brands do the drivers wear behind the wheel of their fast cars

All technical sponsors of Formula One racing teams  What brands do the drivers wear behind the wheel of their fast cars

The speedy world of F1 is back for the most revolutionary season in 40 years: in the words of Adrian Newey, technical director of Scuderia Red Bull. The world of the fastest single-seaters on the planet has been completely reinvented. In fact, in 2022 everything has changed, from the actual rules to the technical dictates for the design of the new cars, so as to give new life to a sport that, with the exception of the sensational last championship, was beginning to make even the most ardent fans yawn. 

As well as changing the rules, the technical sponsors of the teams have also changed. A bit like in the world of football, where every year the best sportswear brands compete to secure and snatch away the most famous clubs from the competition, the teams have also started to entrust the production of their clothes to each other. Out of ten teams, four are linked to PUMA (Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Red Bull and Mercedes), probably due to the brand's mantra - Forever Faster - two fundamental words for the world of single-seaters where, in every Grand Prix, it is literally tenths of a second that make the difference. There are also two teams that for the time being have decided not to link their name to any brand, thus freeing themselves from any possible contract or collaboration, and this is the case of Aston Martin and Alphatauri. There is also the presence of brands that we are used to seeing on the green fields of half of Europe and that on Sundays, as well as taking to the field, accompany the drivers in their adventures on that hot asphalt that defines the winners and losers. We are talking about Umbro, Castore, Under Armour and Kappa. 

PUMA's dominance


The tracks and asphalt seem to be the natural habitat of PUMA, which over the years has created a sort of monopoly in F1, signing almost half of the teams. A domination built up over time, starting with Ferrari and ending with Alfa Romeo, the teams of the German brand are by no means taken for granted.

Castore - McLaren

After surprising everyone with its shirts in the Premier League, Castore also arrives in Formula 1 supporting a team that wants to start from the past, exactly when its cars occupied the first places in Grand Prix. This is yet another important milestone for the English brand, which never ceases to amaze.

Kappa - Alpine

The Italian brand has practically dominated this football season, offering designs and patterns that are not taken for granted, such as the four Venezia shirts or the latest ones designed for Bari. This season Kappa is also entering Formula 1 with Alpine, creating a partnership never seen before.  

Umbro - Williams 

After dominating football in the 90s and collaborating a few weeks with Supreme, Umbro will support Williams in F1. For once we will see the British brand in a new version, but who knows, maybe it will reopen its archives and design something iconic for Williams as well.

Under Armour - Haas

One of the most underrated teams in F1, Haas, has surprisingly signed with Under Armour. After all the problems at the start of the season, the American team seems to have got over everything, both on and off the track, and who knows whether this combined marriage, given that the brand is still owned by the Americans, could bring more than good.