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All of the Canadian Premier League's jerseys

Made by Macron for the league's eight teams, they celebrate the relationship between club and city

All of the Canadian Premier League's  jerseys  Made by Macron for the league's eight teams, they celebrate the relationship between club and city

In view of the kick-off of the Canadian Premier League, which will take place next April 7, the North American top league has shown the jerseys that will dress the eight teams that animate the competition. All made by the Bologna-based company Macron, which confirms its international vocation, are custom-designed with high-quality eco-fabrics derived from 100% recycled polyester PET certified by the Global Recycle Standard. Each kit is designed to celebrate and enhance the communities and cities that host HFX Wanderers FC, Atlético Ottawa, York United FC, Forge FC, Valour FC, FC Edmonton, Cavalry FC and Pacific FC respectively as they begin the 2022 season in the hunt for the coveted Gold Champion North Star.

Pacific FC

Let's start with the defending champions of Pacific FC, located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, who will take the field with a jersey dominated by purple on which there is a contrasting pattern dedicated to one of the local attractions. On the jersey, in fact, it is easy to distinguish the branches of the Red Creek fir, the imposing conifer that fills the thick Canadian forests and in particular the Vancouver area. The jersey is completed by a collar and sleeves with contrasting white and turquoise borders.

Cavalry FC 

The Calgary team will take the field in a traditional red jersey, with white and green accents, and crossed by a slanted band in which there is a geometric pattern reminiscent of the nearby Rocky Mountains, an attraction of the Alberta region. In addition, the club's crest, which includes Lord Strathcona's horse and military chevrons tie Cavalry FC with the historic Canadian Army regiment.

FC Edmonton

La maglia dell'FC Edmonton è un trionfo di royal blue, in onore della bandiera dell'Alberta, con dettagli verde, oro e rosa per indicare le foreste naturali della regione, i campi di grano e il fiore ufficiale di Edmonton, la rosa selvatica. La città, soprannominata "Canada's Festival City" vista la vivace scena musicale e artistica della città, ha deciso di omaggiare la propria comunità nel disegno della maglia da gioco.

Valour FC

The team from Winnipeg, Manitoba, a multicultural city best known for its Jazz festival, chose a predominantly black jersey with a burgundy gash and gold details. A celebration of the vigor and courage the team wants to convey to their community.

Forge FC

The two-time champions, in 2019 and 2020, of the CPL, chose to channel the energy of the city of Hamilton, rich in artistic communities and culinary offerings in a bright orange jersey crossed with tonal graphics in gray and dark orange that appear on the front and back panels. It also features a flamboyant pattern that rises from the bottom to burn through the entire jersey and commemorate the spirit of its multicultural community.

York United FC

The other Toronto team, which is not in MLS, has chosen a jersey that shows off its corporate colors, York Green, Lake Ontario Blue and Victory Gold. The beauty of the Ontario area, from the rivers disappearing into the dense green forest to the modern local architecture, are featured on the horizontal band in the middle of the jersey where the city skyline is also recognizable on the bottom band.

Atlético Ottawa

The Ottawa team, as the name suggests, is a close relative of a European great, Atletico Madrid, from which it also borrowed the social colors. Red and white dominate the jersey of the Canadian team is very similar to that of the Spanish team, but is distinguished by the giant maple leaf on the back, one of the symbols of the North American nation.

HFX Wanderers FC

The team that hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, one of the continent's busiest ports offers a jersey that highlights the city's relationship with the sea. Dominated by two shades of blue, a deep royal and an aquamarine turquoise, it is crossed by a horizontal zigzag pattern reminiscent of the waves of the sea visible from the team's stadium.