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The 10 most beautiful jerseys of the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations

The game will be played in Cameroon and this edition will also feature colourful kits with traditional designs and patterns

The 10 most beautiful jerseys of the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations The game will be played in Cameroon and this edition will also feature colourful kits with traditional designs and patterns

It was originally supposed to be played at the same time as EURO2020, but the African Cup of Nations was postponed several times due to the pandemic. The CAN is now ready to go, with the start date set for Sunday 9 January in Cameroon, home of the untameable lions. As always, it will be a great competition, all of them will have to beat Algeria, the defending national champions captained by the talent of Manchester City, Riyad Mahrez. Despite the various tug-of-war between national teams and clubs, the competition is growing more and more, both in terms of publicity, as all the matches will be shown on Eurosport (the broadcaster that has bought all the exclusive rights), and in terms of numbers, as for the second time in history there will be 24 participating teams.

Once again, all the major sponsors Nike, adidas, PUMA, Le Coq Sportif, Macron, Umbro and Kappa will be involved in the design of the teams' outfits. PUMA, as always, is the brand that will dress the most national teams, five in all (Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Egypt), even if, compared to previous years, the brand has lost the sort of monopoly it held on the African continent. In addition to the big and famous brands, however, there are also much less impressive names: Tovio (Burkina Faso), Tempo (Cape Verde) Guisport (Guinea Bissau), Solo (Sudan), Saller (Gambia), Airness (Mali), AB Sport (Mauritania) and Masita (Guinea). The protagonists are always the same: animals, particular motifs and bright colours, here is a review of the ten best jerseys that we will see at work.

Camerun - Le Coq Sportif

In keeping with its classic style, the French brand signed the African selection in the last edition and a few months ago presented an elegant yet modern jersey worn by the girls' team, again based on the green that distinguishes the Indomitable Lions. The stylised lion symbol on the upper left is also a must. The national team led by Toni Conceição, being also the host nation, is certainly one of the favourites, also having the opportunity to confront a not too competitive group.

Mali - Airness

Although the brand is not one of the most famous, this is certainly one of the most creative jerseys of the Egyptian kermesse, in both colours. In the colours of the national flag, and especially in the white version, the choice of the eagle in the centre of the pattern is certainly fascinating, in a design that is very reminiscent of American sports.

Ghana - PUMA

This year's Black Stars will go into the starting line-up with the intention of going far, and it couldn't be any different with such a selection. And with such a line-up, the jersey made by PUMA couldn't be less. Both the home and away versions share the same spectacular design inspired by the culture and vitality of Ghana with the ever-present star at the top of the chest, the national symbol.

Costa d’Avorio - PUMA

Inevitable is the orange kit of the Elephants of Central Africa, who will take part in the competition with the new star of Atalanta, Boga, who has just arrived in the Bergamo formation accompanied by the muscles of Franck Kessie, another crystalline talent of the selection. The uniform is one of the most sober among those of the tournament, and perhaps for this reason one of the most effective, also because it is marked by a pure orange that no other African team can boast within the competition. 

Gabon -  Kappa

Kappa confirms once again the good work done in the three jerseys made for Gabon. We chose the home jersey characterised by yellow, the traditional colour of the Gabonese national team, where on the front in tone on tone there is the shadow of the panther, symbol of the country and of the selection.

Nigeria - Nike

A lot has already been said about this jersey, even this new version was immediately sold out as soon as it went on sale. The jersey produced by Nike for the Nigerian national team has become one of the most eagerly awaited for all jersey lovers and this year, with the only national team represented, it has once again surpassed itself. The hope is that from a sporting point of view too, the Nigerians can make an impression by repeating the good performances of Russia 2018, which was about to cost Messi's Argentina dearly.

Tunisia - Kappa

Also this year the Eagles of Carthage will try to overcome the curse of the quarter-finals, also because the final may be within reach given the technical values of the squad expressed over the years. The jersey designed by Kappa is once again one of the best in the competition and also confirms the great work of the Italian brand in this season from the clubs to the national teams.

Egitto - PUMA

In the first Egyptian uniform, black returns, which had disappeared in the last edition, also designed by PUMA. The style of the design, which plays with the history of the nation, envelops the entire shirt, hieroglyphics and drawings that make the kit certainly very original and one of the most interesting. Salah and his teammates hope to make it immortal, triumphing in the new edition of the African Cup of Nations, in what would be the eighth triumph for the country of the pyramids.

Comore - Macron 

Comoros do not have much hope of success, but on the other hand they can boast one of the best jerseys, produced by Macron. The Bologna-based brand presents a jersey that is as faithful to the national flag as it is to the colours, moon and stars on the sides of the jersey.

Senegal - PUMA 

For Senegal, PUMA has created two unique jerseys, both with graphics inspired by the historical places, art and history of the African country. As with the other selections, the German brand has played with the characteristic elements of each country, in this case bringing to the football fields a shirt that reflects all the identity of the Senegalese nation.