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Brozovic is obsessed with NFTs

His Twitter name is @brozocrypto and that tells us everything

Brozovic is obsessed with NFTs His Twitter name is @brozocrypto and that tells us everything

Every footballer has his obsession, often deliberately hidden and often blown out of proportion. In the case of Marcelo Brozovic, one of Serie A's undoubtedly most eccentric players, his obsession is well known, you only have to read his short Twitter bio which reads: "Marcelo Brozovic, football player and cryptocurrency evangelist". The Croatian, who plays for the Italian champions, never ceases to amaze, and after having tattooed the emoticon of his famous jubilation on his hand, the same one he uses after every goal, the midfielder usually surfs Twitter and beyond, looking for new NFTs to discover. Many of his statuses on the social network created by Jack Dorsey are in fact clear and very eloquent: "Drop best nfts !!!" or "Drop your NFT under! I am buying today!". 

The way we imagine him, given his constant tweets Marcelo Brozovic is one of those players who every day on his return from Appiano Gentile after training, opens his computer and checks that his investments are paying off as they should. It's all normal for someone like him who is busy designing geometries on the pitch, placing every single pass with a protractor, planning his future investments as well. That's why, since the midfielder seems to be always on the lookout for new cryptos to discover or other things to invest in, if you're looking to sell your first digital creation you'd better stay vigilant and don't miss his statuses, maybe you could convince him.