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Barcelona is "reselling" Messi's jersey

Who has never dreamed of having a jersey worn by the Argentine himself?

 Barcelona is reselling Messi's jersey Who has never dreamed of having a jersey worn by the Argentine himself?

Despite the unexpected farewell of this summer that has sanctioned the end of the historic relationship between Barcelona and Leo Messi, the Blaugrana club is continuing to sell the jerseys of the Argentine star on its website. The football jerseys with Leo Messi's number are a significant economic factor, for information ask PSG that since his purchase has seen soaring sales of its already high jerseys, for this reason and also given the delicate corporate situation the Catalan club has decided to sell some very special. On the website, in fact, are not on sale the classic shirts of the Argentine, but just those worn by Messi himself during the matches last year. The prices, as expected, are not entirely accessible, for a shirt worn and signed by the Argentine flea the Catalan club asks for 1170 euros. Not only jerseys, it is also possible to buy one of the last captain's armbands that the eternal number 10 of Barcelona wore in his last season in Spain.

It is a first and an alternative way to exploit fan monetization strategies. A worn jersey can have a unique value because it is a piece that, if certified, is 1-of-1 and cannot be replicated. While other clubs use jerseys that are not exchanged between colleagues and collected at the end of each match to turn them into items for charity activities, Barcelona has taken this new route to exploit the jersey in every way. The market is teeming with specialist sites for those who consider the match-worn jersey a fetish, and the prices for some of them are reaching incredible heights. Nevertheless, Messi and the Catalan club have not yet parted ways.