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"EN-GER-LAND', the new exhibition at OOF Gallery

A portrait of England, a football nation

EN-GER-LAND', the new exhibition at OOF Gallery  A portrait of England, a football nation

After "BALLS", an exhibition on the shape of the football, OOF, the British magazine that combines art and football, has unveiled a second exhibition that is nothing less than a portrait of England, a nation based and founded on football. "EN-GER-LAND", the title, will make its debut on 4 December and can be visited until 20 February at the OOF Gallery at Warmington House, a stone's throw from Tottenham's new home. The exhibition is curated by artists Beatrice Lettice, Boyle Mattia, Guarnera-MacCarthy, Evie O'Connor, Conor Rogers and George Shaw. The idea for the exhibition originated with the EURO2020 final after the racist insults to footballers for missing penalties. The artists asked themselves what it really means to be English, to wave the St George's cross and support one's team, an exploration that was then translated into paintings and ironic works on the hottest moments of the national team as well as the Premier League.

Each artist has framed and explored English identity in their own way, Beatrice Lettice Boyle has painted close-up and highly dramatic and emotional portraits of young English footballers, Conor Rogers has made images on discarded betting slips while Evie O'Connor has portrayed fan scenes on pub pans and ashtrays. At the heart of the exhibition are two paintings by George Shaw which depict the classic English playing fields of the Coventry housing estate on canvas.