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Pizza World Cup: Pepperoni Seoul celebrates pizza and football

See you in Seoul

Pizza World Cup: Pepperoni Seoul celebrates pizza and football See you in Seoul

Pepperoni Seoul will host the Pizza World Cup, an important competition where, as always, the culture of football and pizza will be united in an ironic way. The World Cup will take place in South Korea, specifically in Seoul in a popup created by Pepperoni, where five participants, including artists and brands, have designed T-shirts that enhance the link between one of the world's best foods and the most popular sport. From 29 to 31 October in the popup at Pizza Turtles, visitors can admire the creations that enhance this relationship, with prints featuring the season's most hilarious moments. One out of all, is surely Mourinho eating pizza after the away match in Verona or Messi lying down next to the barrier, there is also who played with the words or better with the surnames of Rooney and Pepe, creating an ad hoc sweatshirt. The participants will all come from different countries, Equipo FC will be present for Spain, Uruijff for HollandSando for la Jamaica and finally Yongko for Australia.

A link between football and pizza that goes beyond borders and culture and that returns to the forefront once again in one of the many initiatives of Pepperoni Seoul. So if you thought that football and pizza were two typical Italian passions, then you were very wrong, they had already proved it with their first jersey. Now, together with other brands and artists, pizza and football will be united even further, with the aim of taking the football jersey out of the sports world and turning it into an apparel item that can be worn in everyday life. South Korea was one of the first countries where the football jersey trend as a fashion item managed to become popular. From the USA to Seoul, Pepperoni Pizza has also become a national symbol in Korea, a kind of creative reworking of the tradition but also of the aesthetics of Italian culture, as we saw in BAAAM Scudetto Kit, a jersey-shaped celebration of the Inter championship and a love letter to Italian aesthetics by nss and Pepperoni Seoul (PPRNSeoul).

All jerseys can also be purchased on Pepperoni Seoul's website.