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Serie A's got a comic makeover

Thanks to Carmine Di Giandomenico each team will have its own avatar

Serie A's got a comic makeover  Thanks to Carmine Di Giandomenico each team will have its own avatar

Thanks to twenty avatars, one for each team, and 760 new animations planned for the duration of the Championship, the "Serie A" will merge with the world of comics created by Carmine Di Giandomenico. A return to the 80s and 90s when the mascots in the old Panini albums were used to represent the teams of the top Italian league. From Batman to Spiderman via Superman and Dylan Dog, Carmine Di Giandomenico, after having created many of the most famous comics, is now called upon to re-edit those classic mascots in a modern key. But the inspirations don't stop there, the avatars of the Italian cartoonist bring to mind another iconic cartoon that has certainly marked a generation, we are talking about Holly and Benji. The animations created by the Italian cartoonist bring to mind the manga created by Yōichi Takahashi, in fact the characters that can be glimpsed at the end of the clip are very similar to the Japanese champions. 

However, the animations will not always be the same and the drawing techniques will also change, passing from the traditional one to a more innovative one such as computer-generated imagery in 3D. In recent years, however, the commercials offered by Tim to present the championship have certainly not shone in terms of imagination and creativity, but above all they were light years away from the world of football.

Advertising formats have undergone various transformations, always changing their focus. In the early 2000s the scene was totally dominated first by mobile phones and then by the revolutionary video phones. With the latter came the real revolution from a television as well as a technological point of view, and it is impossible to forget the commercials from 2004 to 2008, where the most beautiful goals and plays were shown day after day, accompanied by the hit of the moment. It wasn't just advertising, the commercial was now part of the match itself. A video of very short duration but to be seen again and again, like one of the many goals of Quagliarella from 30 metres accompanied by "All together now", a frame impossible to remove from our heads. 

After a few years, this format closed its doors, leaving room for Belen Rodriguez, who in a virtual field drew trajectories that were impossible even for someone like Andrea Pirlo. Since 2011, instead, it is the cinepattone that infects the ideas of the scriptwriters who decide to relive historical events but in a football key. A not so fascinating parenthesis, fortunately stopped after only one year to make room for the fans, from the youngest ones in 2012 to the adults in 2014. In between there were the social projects of the telephone company, which undertook to give new life to abandoned pitches in the suburbs of Italy.

From 2016 we touch a point of no return, with the famous robots (present until last season) dancing and having fun on a football pitch. Not a particularly pretty sight, those robots seemed to have a far from relaxed look, not enhancing the beauty of the sport at all. As of this year, there will be no goals in the commercials, but Serie A is getting closer to the world of anime, moving away (thankfully) from things like "dance with TIM", without detracting from the dancing, of course. Twenty different avatars from the past, which will try to make the championship more attractive through its commercials.