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The rebranding of the Dacia Arena

A change of logo that also includes the stadium

The rebranding of the Dacia Arena A change of logo that also includes the stadium

Yesterday Dacia unveiled the new graphic identity that will also involve the homonymous arena, home of Udinese. The Romanian company had already anticipated something this summer, placing the new logo on the home and away jerseys of the Friulians, yesterday afternoon the rebranding of the Romanian car manufacturer was made official and will also touch the stadium. It was 2016 when Udinese and Dacia officially presented the new Dacia-sponsored Friuli Stadium, a modern and multifunctional structure designed for everyone, not only for the fans. In June 2014 the foundation stone was laid and in January 2016 the first match, with full capacity and a new name for the Friuli Stadium. In 2021 it will change again, renewing its look in record time and further strengthening the bond that unites the two clubs.

The logo changes, created to inspire robustness and stability and recalling the strength of the bond between Dacia and Udinese. The emblem, simple and precise, already seen on the club's shirts, represents the meeting of the D and the C, like two components that connect and assemble in perfect symmetry. A change of logo that is almost a must for Dacia, after the last one in 2008, in line with what other car manufacturers have done. The first in order of time was Mini, which in 2015 kicked off the trend of two-dimensional logos, up to that of Volvo a few days ago, simplified and strictly in 2D. More than a trend, it is now a real necessity in order to distinguish the logo as well as possible, whether it is on paper, digital or simply affixed to a car. Dacia's changes also follow this path, simplifying the colours and switching to khaki green inspired by the outdoor world, eliminating the box inside which the word "Dacia" used to appear a few years ago, just as Nissan did, and changing the font to a more squared-off, customised sans-serif font. A rebranding that focuses on the essentials and kicks off the renewal of the brand, which will also include updating the image of the sales network by 2023.