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The legal battle between Nike and Barcelona

Three main charges and EUR 50 million at stake

The legal battle between Nike and Barcelona Three main charges and EUR 50 million at stake

According to the Spanish magazine 2playbook, the battle between Nike and Barcelona is not over yet, indeed, after the first rumors, it seems that the club's top management are ready to launch a legal battle of 50 million euros against the American company.
There are three main reasons why the club is moving in such a drastic direction: firstly, the replica jersey differs from the match jersey, where some details are missing such as the logo of the technical sponsor. The Catalan club in this case is contesting the non-payment of royalties exclusively for the sale of the replicas. Secondly, there is a response to the sanctions that Nike has imposed on the club for non-compliance, an accusation rejected by Barça, which has now decided to retaliate. Lastly, Barcelona has accused Nike of abuse of dominant position. This one is probably the most serious one and could set a dangerous precedent for Nike, as all other teams could follow the same path as the Catalans: "the abuse occurs when the company, with good profits and a good profit margin behind it, decides to lower the prices of the products it markets to a level where it achieves a very low margin."

A situation that inflames a relationship, no longer so solid, that has lasted since 1998 and that could be irreparably compromised. Some time ago PUMA was very interested in signing a contract with the Catalan club, affirming its presence in the Spanish league. Of all the accusations, the third is certainly the most compromising for Nike, since the contract signed with Barcelona is more or less similar to those signed with other top clubs. A heavy querelle that once again attests to the Catalans' negative period not only from a sporting point of view but also from an economic one.