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The clash between Venezia and Lega Serie A

A dispute over obsolete rules designed to limit the creativity of clubs

The clash between Venezia and Lega Serie A A dispute over obsolete rules designed to limit the creativity of clubs

In a statement published on Saturday 25 September, Venezia announced that they will play for the rest of the season without the Golden Lion logo on their shirt: 

The solution found was unfortunately considered by the League to be not in line with the aforementioned regulations and therefore our Club will again remove the club crest from the match jerseys in order to avoid potential breaches of League regulations.
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With this statement, the Venetian club has temporarily put an end to the dispute with the Lega di Serie A over the disputed double display of the words 'Venezia' on the chest and logo, which violates Article 5, paragraph 1 of the national regulations and has cost Venezia several fines. The issue of the misunderstanding of the double logo is part of a broader thread of problems between Lega and UEFA regulations and shirt design: it happened in the Champions League to Inter, Barcelona and Ajax, and shows how aesthetic rules are becoming a limit to the creativity of football shirts.

The League did not even consider as compliant the modification of the pattern featuring the writing 'Venezia 1600', with which Venezia took the field on Wednesday 22 September at San Siro. A situation that underlines the urgency of changing regulations thought up years ago that ruin the aesthetics of a jersey and at the same time do not enhance the long work done by designers during the season. The crux of the matter is that the Lega continues to interpret the writing 'Venezia' on the chest of each jersey as an emblem of the club. Whereas, as has been said many times, it is a reference to the city, as is further demonstrated by the change made at the San Siro where the logo of Venezia 1600, the official logo of this year's celebration of the city's 1600th anniversary, has been inserted.

A choice that continues to cause discussion and opens a debate given what has happened to Ajax, Inter and Barcelona in recent days in the Champions League. UEFA has also obliged these three clubs to change some elements of the shirt, for Inter the snake while for Ajax the three birds. More complex is the issue concerning Barcelona, who, in order to incur penalties, used a 2019 kit, not being able to use the away kit with the iridescent logos because they are banned. In the light of these latest events some of these rules both at national and European level should be reviewed or simply revamped, as it is some of the most innovative jerseys of this season, such as that of Venezia, that are being banned or changed. But this is not the first time, at national level the previous year the League had banned Inter's fourth jersey that did not comply with several points of Article 2. However, after a change, Inter were allowed to play with the special kit.

For Venezia it was not exactly like that, for the League the pattern celebrating the 1600 years since the foundation of the city is intended as a repetition of the logo and therefore a double exposure. Just yesterday here, we underlined the existence of a rigid and a bit dusty regulation that does not fit with the new artistic and creative directions to which a jersey is subjected especially in recent seasons. Not everything has to be redone, of course, but in the case of Venezia it is difficult to understand what the real infringement is since, if we want to see it also from the television point of view, the jersey does not affect the identification of the players by the viewers.