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The 10 most beautiful concepts seen on kit creator

Creativity embraces the virtual inspiring new trends

 The 10 most beautiful concepts seen on kit creator Creativity embraces the virtual inspiring new trends

It all started when Konami in 2016 added, on the console version, the possibility to import custom models to the game, from that moment players from all over the world in addition to compete in online competitions, have also started to compare and compete in the creations of the game jerseys. A place where they can express all their creativity or simply bring to light vintage models or reproduce more or less faithfully those of today. In short, with Efootball it is possible to identify with the club in every way, having the possibility of managing a team, developing young players and at the same time being a real designer, designing the game jerseys. On the opposite side, EASports is experiencing a completely opposite situation, in fact it is still entirely possible to customise one's own career as in Efootball

At the end of 2020 a platform, Kit Creator, was created, which is quite simple to use but just as functional, allowing each user to create their own customised jerseys to be used in the game. The only problem is that the outfit designed by the gamers can only be uploaded and chosen on the PC version. The decision to create this tool is attributable to young graphic designers who, perhaps being too attached to the game produced by EASports, decided to help it, albeit in part. But over the years this movement has not remained confined within the sphere of video games, it has pierced the mainstream, growing by leaps and bounds thanks to social media and arriving today to partly influence the creativity of the football industry, we have seen it in the iridescent kits or in the away kit of Tottenham or even in the biscione pattern of Inter. We have selected some of the best kits created with this tool, with the possibility, perhaps, of seeing them on the pitch in the future, further breaking that boundary that separates real and digital.

Barcelona | Nike

Nigeria | Nike

Manchester City | PUMA

Venezia | Kappa

Cagliari | adidas

Francia | Nike

Milan | Nike

Manchester City | PUMA

Napoli | EA7

Eintracht Francoforte | Nike