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How was the debut of Amazon Prime Video?

A streaming lesson

How was the debut of Amazon Prime Video? A streaming lesson

It's enough to look through the comments on Prime Video's social accounts to realise how well the Italian debut of Jeff Bezos' company went. The new streaming platform that is trying to impose its dominance in the world of football has not reserved bad surprises. In fact, what was surprising was the quality without even going to 4K, a lesson in streaming to all competitors, especially Dazn given the problems that many users complain about streaming in general. In Italy we have hardly seen a streaming of a live sporting event so wide-ranging with this quality, the debut of Infinity Tuesday night is the demonstration, to apologize for the delays and poor quality the platform has given another fifteen days of subscription to all its customers.

The debut of Prime Video shows how streaming football in Italy is possible, despite the problems and defections declared and blurted out everywhere, the infrastructure if supported at its best can withstand intense traffic like yesterday. Amazon has shown us, albeit with some reservations, that the transition from satellite dish to streaming is in progress but remains feasible despite the fact that fibre optics does not arrive in all rural areas where it is still complicated to install it. To date, the spread of ultra-wideband services at least 30 Mbps in Italy has reached a coverage that comes to about 66%, not yet enough perhaps for streaming but not a valid reason to reject it. The ball passes now undoubtedly to Dazn called to do better or at least as much as, so that everyone can enjoy the championship with the same peace of mind and quality with which Amazon broadcast yesterday.