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All the fashion brands featured in NBA 2k22

A game split between basketball, fashion and rap

All the fashion brands featured in NBA 2k22 A game split between basketball, fashion and rap

There are only two days to the release of the new NBA 2k22, a game that like every year will be full of news especially this year that the most famous basketball league in the world celebrates 75 years since its birth. A game that first of all will be characterized by better graphics and an AI of players further improved especially for the latest generation consoles. But the peculiarity lies in the fact that the game will not only focus on sport, thanks to new adventures designed to experience the career off the field. In fact, in addition to becoming the best player of all time you can also break into the world of fashion or rap. Just yesterday 2K Games has revealed all the fashion brands and not only that will be present in the game as: Crocs, Patta, Palm Angels, Ovo, Butter, Carrots and many others. 

The NBA has embarked on a path similar to that of FIFA, trying to go beyond the virtual dimension by giving players the opportunity to appear with the same outfits of reality. Unlike the famous soccer video game, however, NBA 2k22 has not involved fashion designers or footballers with great stylistic taste like Bellerin but has limited itself to inserting the already existing items of some of the best fashion brands. A similar operation was also seen in 2019 with the collaboration between Gucci and Tennis Clash, in which the clothes of the Italian brand were even purchasable on its online store. But not only that also Valentino entered the virtual world by organizing a virtual fashion show inside Animal Crossing or Balenciaga that launched its first game, Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow to unveil the Fall/Winter 2021 collection. The world of fashion seems to be indissolubly linked to that of videogames, creating a new dimension halfway between the digital and the real.

NBA 2k22 will be available on all platforms starting September 10.