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Which wines does LeBron James drink?

During his Italian vacations, LeBron visited the winery of Monteverro in Capalbio

Which wines does LeBron James drink? During his Italian vacations, LeBron visited the winery of Monteverro in Capalbio

After filming Space Jam: A New Legacy, spending three months in the Walt Disney bubble in Orlando and playing one of the most physically stressful seasons, Lebron James decided to give his body a break in Italy, touring the Boot starting from the bottom. The itinerary of his Italian vacation began in Naples, where he decided to rent Cyan, the 42-meter yacht owned by Bono Vox, to visit first Capri and then Ischia. The videos of the choruses that tourists and Ischians sang to King James have already gone around the world, but the most important stop of his Italian vacations was Capalbio, a medieval village in the province of Grosseto where he stopped to visit the Monteverro winery.

The obsession for wine of the four times NBA champion is nothing new and there are many testimonies from his teammates, starting from Kevin Love who - when LeBron was his teammate in Cleveland - always said that "Bron has a supercomputer in his brain when it comes to wine" to Dwyane Wade who says that "in case during his pre game 3-point shooting session someone says the word wine, LeBron stops everything just to know why he is talking about it and if he can put his mouth on it". James is more than just a wine lover, he is a real connoisseur: he prefers Bordeaux wines, in particular Italian and French ones, even though in the last seasons - with the transfer to the Lakers - he decided to experiment Californian wines as well.

At the Tuscan estate, he was accompanied by winemaker Matthieu Taunay and agronomist Simone Salamone, two experts who took him through the vineyards and the cellar rooms before having James do a gravity pumping over and a manual fulling, two maneuvers of a consummate man of experience. In the lunch that took place at the estate, LeBron tasted the current and best vintages of the winery, such as the 2013 Terra di Monteverro (his favorite).

Even though the number 6 of the Lakers has recently launched a brand of tequila - even going courtside with a bottle of Lobos - over the years LeBron has shown, above all on social media, how quality Italian wine is the basis of his diet (taken care of by a group of expert nutritionists): From Sassicaia 1997 to Speri's Amarone della Valpolicella 2013, from Uccelliera's Brunello di Montalcino to Quintarelli's Amarone della Valpolicella, all the way to Emidio Pepe's Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. Bottles of very high quality (and price), but also symbols of the evolution of the Akron player's game, who recently said that his "style of play is like a fine wine, it get better with age" - and we believe him, given the numbers of his eighteenth NBA season.