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5 crazy jerseys from Serie B

Discovering the most irreverent designs of the Italian championship

5 crazy jerseys from Serie B Discovering the most irreverent designs of the Italian championship

If this year the jerseys of the Serie A have pleasantly surprised us even those of the cadet league have not been outdone. Like every season also in the 90th edition of the Serie B championship there are crazy jerseys and designs that have nothing to envy to those of the highest category. Even in the Serie B league it's the Italian brands that dominate the scene, 15 out of 20 teams are in fact sponsored by brands located within the Italian borders. And even on the field it will be a good fight given the presence of many clubs that aspire to direct promotion. Waiting to see who will steal the scene or will manage to break the championship we have selected the five craziest jerseys of this season, hold on tight.

Benevento | Home kit

One of the craziest jerseys and one that rightfully enters the charts is definitely the first jersey made by Nike for Benevento. For the first time in the history of the club, the traditional vertical stripes give way to a pattern of yellow and red squares reminiscent of the jerseys of the Croatian national team, completed by a V-neck and black sleeve edges. A strong choice, a break with the past married by the company that could have still selected a model with vertical stripes from the catalog but instead opted for an innovative design in line with the other jerseys made by the swoosh this season.

Lecce | Away kit

The Lecce away jersey could not miss either, self-produced thanks to the in-house brand M908 launched in 2018. The away kit is entirely white with the rose window of the Basilica di Santa Croce in the middle, a stylistic choice created to enhance the territory. The beautiful rose window dating back to the Baroque era is on the left side, printed in gray and also continues on the back from where yellow-red rays depart, recalling the club's social colors. 

Monza | Goalkeeper Kit

Monza and Lotto have decided to take us back in time with the kit made exclusively for goalkeepers with a 90s aesthetic. Designed and produced in two different colorways, black and yellow, the jersey stands out for its complex triangle weave. In the yellow one, the weave is tone on tone, almost hiding, while in the black one, it is repeated creating an almost hypnotic effect, useful for a goalkeeper. In seasons where the templates of goalkeeper jerseys are all the same, see the templates of Nike and adidas, the creativity of Lotto and Monza can only be rewarded.

Perugia | Home Kit

In the year of their return to Serie B, Perugia has decided to twist their classic first jersey but following an old jersey from the past. The design proposed by Frankie Garage for the new season takes inspiration from the iconic jersey of the 1998 season, when the Umbrian played in the top flight and Nakata had the number ten on his back. The jersey is totally red with a strange tie dye effect in the front with the ever-present stylized griffin on the sides.

Pordenone | Home Kit

Podernone has also followed Inter's path, abandoning the stripes and adopting this scaly pattern that is slightly similar to that of the Nerazzurri. Givova wanted to reproduce the skin of the lizard, symbol of the team, as evidenced by the writing on the back of the collar "Ramarri dal 1920". Unlike the jersey designed by Nike for the current champions of Italy, Givova's scales blend and fade into the jersey, becoming (on the shoulders) a sort of armor.