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The best patterns of the season 2021 - 22

From Chelsea's Op Art to Inter's snakeskin, who did it best

The best patterns of the season 2021 - 22 From Chelsea's Op Art to Inter's snakeskin, who did it best

Characterized by one or more elements that are repeated in a predictable way, often used to give depth and style to a dress, the patterns are also widely used in the world of soccer. This year, among the new kits, there have undoubtedly been some pleasant surprises. We must underline the exceptional extravagance that Nike has decided to adopt, mainly with Barcelona, Inter, Tottenham and Chelsea. adidas, on the other hand, has decided to make wise use of the archives of Manchester United and Arsenal, retrieving designs and patterns from the historic teams of the past. Archives also used by Hummel and Umbro, while PUMA continues its futuristic revolution by giving a unique look to Manchester City. But the Italian brands were not outdone either, with Macron, together with Verona, dedicating a shirt to Dante Aligheri with an embossed design, front and back, that recalls the detail of the gate of the Arche Scaligere. Kappa was not long in coming either, both in Italy and abroad, offering excellent patterns and designs. We have selected the best patterns of the five major European leagues, Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Premier League and Bundesliga, the most surprising ones that have broken all ties with tradition, going beyond.

Premier League

In the English championship, one of the fastest and most beautiful in the world, this year, as already mentioned, it was Nike that took center stage. This year the American company has shown a particular propensity to present innovative patterns, never seen before on a soccer field. This year the Chelsea jersey, always conceived in a classic blue, has references to Op Art, an abstract art movement born around the sixties and then developed in the seventies of the twentieth century. A similar strategy had also applied with Inter last year, in the first jersey inspired by the Italian design collective Memphis. Space also for adidas that has brought to light some of the historical patterns of the era, the away jerseys of Arsenal and Manchester United are a perfect example. The Red Devils' snowflake returns more than twenty-five years later, with decidedly more modern touches but maintaining the vintage status that seemed to have been set aside in recent seasons by Ole Gunnar Solskjær's team. Finally, a special mention for Hummel that for Southampton has created a third jersey with a pattern inspired by St Mary's Stadium, the home of the English team. Tone on tone completely black, could not absolutely miss in the best patterns of the new season.

Serie A

Even the top Italian league has surprised and not a little. In addition to the Inter shirt, which for one season put aside the classic stripes to make room for the iconic snakeskin pattern that split the opinion of the fans in two, there were many innovations, such as those proposed by Macron. This year, the Bologna-based company, which is making huge strides in the European market, stood out for the patterns it used. The one designed for the Bologna jersey and inspired by the city deserves an honorable mention. In the first jersey of the red-blue team, there are the iconic bricks, the true symbol of the city of Bologna. The most exciting one from a stylistic point of view is the one reserved for Verona that takes up, tone on tone, the detail of the gate of the Arche Scaligere, a real touch of class for Di Francesco's team.

La Liga

In Spain, among all the jerseys made this year, the third Levante jersey made by Macron stands out without a shadow of a doubt. The new jersey features an embossed design with a damask effect in shades of gold that is very similar to that of Verona. The pattern is inspired by "le Fallas", traditional festivals of international tourist interest, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. We now come to the team coached by Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid, which has created two unique jerseys for this season. In particular, what attracted our attention was the away jersey that for the first time has a pattern characterized by graffiti, street art is in fact the great protagonist. The latest arrival instead is the third Barcelona jersey presented just yesterday. The jersey will be used mainly in the Champions League, where it will make its debut on September 14, inspired by the Catalan neighborhoods and wisely created by local artists, called to transform the neighborhoods of Poble-sec, Poble Nou, Gràcia, Raval and Les Corts in iconic symbols that make up the pattern of the shirt.


The Bundesliga has not been less, a league that over time has not distinguished itself for its excellent aesthetics but has still churned out its goodies. One out of all is that of Bayern Munich made by adidas. The new jersey takes inspiration from nature and the mountains that surround Munich, recreating with a graphic sublimated the silhouette of the mountains and choosing chromatically a mix of white and light blue. Also standing out is the Wolfsburg jersey, made by Nike completely in green and for the first time not having its X design. Nike tacked for another pattern, a kind of maze of lines accompanied by the dazzle camo design. Augsburg together with Nike opted for an unusual checkerboard pattern, identical to that of the Croatia Euro 2020 away jersey. In their history, the Germans had never had a similar pattern even if year after year, with Nike, they have accustomed us to irreverent concepts that go beyond any tradition or social color of the club.

Ligue 1

In the championship that from this year will see the enchanting trio Messi - Mbappe - Neymar as protagonists, even the patterns are no less. The first concerns the current champions, Lille, who with New Balance has created the first shirt with a polka dot pattern, the first time this has happened in the history of the club. In the third jersey of the Angers Sporting Club de l'Ouest, better known as Angers SCO, or more simply Angers, a well-known element returns in France but not only. The protagonists of the third jersey made by Kappa in pale pink are the fleur de lys, emblem of royalty in France, also present until recently in the logo of PSG. Finally, closing our list of the best patterns of the season is Marseille with the jersey created by PUMA. Among the futuristic look of the German brand is impossible not to mention the zigzag pattern that characterizes the entire shirt of the French accompanied by different shades of blue. A piece of football history, which celebrates the team's bond with the community and its people and puts the OM Foundation in the spotlight.