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PUMA and AC Milan present a workshop inspired by the Rossoneri shirt

"She Moves Us" will be an event of the Milan Design Week

PUMA and AC Milan present a workshop inspired by the Rossoneri shirt She Moves Us will be an event of the Milan Design Week

On the occasion of the international event of Milan Design Week PUMA and AC Milan present "She Moves Us", an initiative about the cardinal values common to the two brands: innovation, creativity, inclusion and support for young talent. In particular, the two icons of sport and lifestyle have organized a workshop in Milan on Friday, September 10, in which students from three local universities and academies - NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti; IED, Istituto Europeo di Design; IUAD - will participate under the supervision of three creators: Joelle PomioliTega Akinola e Giorgia Andreazza. Three classes of students who will be called to rework the innovative design of the Milan home jersey, transforming it into a stadium item such as a bag, a scarf or pillow bag that will then be customized according to the creativity of the students.

Also involved in the project is Nicole McLaughlin, one of the world's leading creators and a pioneer of sports upcycling, able to mix sustainability and creativity, as in one of her latest works for PUMA. Just as McLaughlin created jackets and bra's starting from simple gloves or boots, in the same way the students will have to deconstruct the red striped jersey and imagine it as a stadium item. The goal is to produce objects that combine tradition and novelty, just like the design of the Milan shirt that starts from an iconic element such as the stripes but readapts them to a modern style linked to the evolution of the city of Milan, enhancing its connection with the world of design.

The event will see the participation of AC Milan football players, to inspire students to create something unique and underline the commitment of the two brands to the promotion of creativity and social inclusion, in line with Puma's global campaign She Moves Us, created to celebrate women who have promoted culture and sport. The workshop will be held in the square outside the Club's modern head quarter - Casa Milan (Via Aldo Rossi 8). Taking advantage of the new wave of sports upcycling, PUMA and Milan want to create new value around the design element par excellence of soccer in the week in which design is at the center of all events in Milan.

"She Moves Us", organized with the support of nss factory, is part of the Milan Design Week calendar, a concentration of events that exalts Milan as a city of design even before the city of fashion. Within the week of the Supersalone, therefore, there is also room for sport, which is increasingly taking on an extra-field dimension to approach new sectors. Among all the projects that will realize the thirty participants, will be awarded a prize by the jury (assigned by Nicole McLaughlin), a prize that nss sports will assign through a social battle that will take place in the stories of the Instagram profile and a special prize awarded by AC Milan. The Club will also offer an internship in the Company, within the Marketing Department, to a student whose creation will be particularly distinguished for originality and reinterpretation of the Milan Brand.