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How much do the new Serie A jerseys cost?

From € 140 for Inter Milan and Juventus kits to the surprise of SSC Napoli

How much do the new Serie A jerseys cost? From € 140 for Inter Milan and Juventus kits to the surprise of SSC Napoli

The new Serie A jerseys have brought with them both a wind of freshness and innovation and a successful return to tradition. The two new entries - New Balance with AS Roma and EA7 with Napoli - have had different approaches, while the great giants continue to experiment with new trends: from Inter Milan that revives the snake pattern to the return of the classic stripes of Juventus, from the extravagance of AC Milan to the aesthetics of Venezia FC, passing through the certainties of Italian brands. One of the goals of increasingly complex creative processes is the expansion of market targets, with increasingly frequent attempts to combine football style and streetwear to reach a customer who is not necessarily the stadium fan.

But following the style could mean spending a lot. The price of the jerseys varies depending on the brand, model (authentic or replica) and caliber of the team, but one of the main differences with the Premier League is the homogeneity of prices: the price range goes from € 140 for Inter and Juventus up to € 75 for Atalanta and Turin for the game versions, while from a maximum of € 90 to a minimum of € 35 for the replica models. The substantial differences between authentic jerseys and replica jerseys lie in the material, in the fit, in the production of the details of the jersey (application of logos or seams) and, consequently, in the price.

The average cost for an authentic Serie A jersey is € 94 - unlike the € 88 of the Premier League - while for a replica jersey the average cost is € 66 (calculated on the eight teams that have the double model), with a much less wide scissor than the English clubs. As for the authentic, the ranking is dominated by Inter Milan (Nike) and Juventus (adidas), both in first place with € 140 for home kits and with the Bianconeri replicating the price for the other two jerseys. In second and third place are AC Milan (PUMA) respectively with the third jersey with an innovative template (€ 130) and with the home and away versions (€ 120). AS Roma (New Balance) follows with € 105, Lazio (Macron) with € 94 and Venezia FC (Kappa) closes the top 5 with the triptych of shirts at € 90. A single euro divides Fiorentina (Kappa), Bologna (Macron) and Cagliari (adidas) from the lagoon team, while the iconic Sampdoria (Macron) Sampdoria jersey is placed at € 88. Instead, it takes € 85 to take home the shirts of Udinese (Macron) and Genoa (Kappa), while the tribute to Dante Alighieri of Hellas Verona (Macron) is in second last place with a price of € 79. The rear lights are Atalanta and Torino (Joma), Spezia (Acerbis) and Sassuolo (PUMA) with jerseys from € 75.

Three teams do not fall into this ranking: Salernitana - which uses Zeus e-commerce as a sales platform - has not yet opened the sale of the new jerseys, just like Empoli (Kappa) and Napoli (EA7). There is great expectation on Naples to know the prices of the three kits designed by Giorgio Armani, also to understand what positioning strategy the brand will implement on its debut in football. Last year, Napoli's Kappa jerseys (except for the fourth dedicated to Maradona) were priced at € 89, while this year some sources are convinced that the price will not be "popular" - estimates are among € 130 and € 140.


Very different reasoning for the replica jerseys, where only eight teams (Inter, Rome, Juventus, Milan, Turin, Fiorentina, Atalanta and Genoa) have the double version while the rest of the companies prefer to focus on a single model. The price of the replica kits of Inter, Roma, Juve and Milan is € 90, followed by Genoa with € 59 and still close Atalanta and Turin at € 35, the lowest price available in Serie A.


All prices were taken from the online stores of the Serie A teams.