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8 copied jerseys already seen in previous seasons

New season, new kits, new plagiarism (or almost)

8 copied jerseys already seen in previous seasons New season, new kits, new plagiarism (or almost)

There is a moment when ideas fail, it seems to relive almost a sort of déjà vu, even this year with the start of the championships you can easily notice that it is not so unlikely to come across game jerseys exaggeratedly similar or at least so identical as to make you think bad. It is also true that this season many designers have been digging through club archives, bringing back kits from years and years ago, such as Crystal Palace's third uniform inspired by the one from 1861 or Manchester United's shirts inspired by the glorious past of yesteryear. A trend that has not stopped and has continued with the logos, teams such as Genoa, Fiorentina, Ajax or Bordeaux have decided to adopt the logos of the past, choices dictated by anniversaries or perhaps by a lack of imagination.

The same imagination that has certainly been lacking in certain style offices, proposing designs, templates and concepts that are really too similar to jerseys from the past or others currently in use. If in some cases these are small teams in minor leagues that have taken their cue from existing jerseys, as is often the case, there are also other more prestigious clubs that have taken their cue, wholly or in part, from something that already exists. As with the Leeds and Leicester or Cagliari and Venezuela shirts, which only differ in colour, but share the same template. Same design also for the Palermo and Juventus jerseys (2019 season), both of which have ditched the stripes to make way for a two-tone design with a small central stripe. Southampton take us back in time with a shirt reminiscent of the Chievo Verona shirt worn in the 2003/04 season. From the Premier League to Serie A, here are the copied or almost copied jerseys from this season.

Millwall - Barcellona | Third kit 2021


Atalanta - Ajax | Home and away kit 2021

Leeds - Leicester | Away and home kit 2021

Chelsea - Lione | Third Kit 2021

Venezuela - Cagliari | Home and third kit 2020

Palermo 2021 - Juventus 2019 | Home Kit 

Cambridge - Ghana | Home kit 2021

Newcastle 2017 - Juventus 2021 | Home kit