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Why are Venezia FC playing without a logo?

When the rules risk ruining the aesthetics of a kit

Why are Venezia FC playing without a logo? When the rules risk ruining the aesthetics of a kit

The home, away and third kit launched by Venezia FC so far are among the best in Serie A, but the version seen on the pitch first in the Italian Cup and then in the first league match against Napoli is different from those shown in the spectacular launches contextualized in the Lagoon. The Venetians, who have returned to Serie A after 19 long years, have played the last two games without their crest on the shirt due to paragraph 1 of article 5 of the FIGC. As reported by Footy Headlines, the difference would lie in the fact that the lagoon would have a double exposure of logo and name on the shirt and this is not allowed on the uniforms. In particular:

"The emblem of the Company can be affixed in applied, embroidered, printed form, etc., only once on the shirt, once on the shorts, once on each sock and once in each of the digits that make up the number affixed to the center of the back. [...] The emblem or the name of the Company (or the abbreviation) may also appear, even if only partially, on the shirt and shorts, both in jacquard and in another similar form; however, the aforementioned shape must never dominate the colors of the uniform or damage its distinguishability". 

The golden lion, which has always been a symbol of Venezia FC and the city of Venice, is therefore considered a repetition of the word Venezia and therefore not tolerated on the shirt. From Veneto they make it known that they are in constant contact with the top of Serie A to allow players to wear the shirt with the logo. The orange-green uniform would lose much of its beauty if the impossibility of using the lagoon crest were confirmed.

The official explanation comes directly from the Instagram post of nss sports, with Fly Nowhere reporting the reason why the shirt was designed to have the double logo exposure: "Because these were designed last year for Serie B regulations, takes months to make. This is the unfortunate result of a promotion with no time to change".


This unpleasant episode is the umpteenth demonstration of how some rules - completely obsolete - hinder the spectacle, also aesthetic, of a championship that is constantly looking for identity. The last time the Lega had to intervene to block a jersey was at the launch of the fourth Inter shirt. Even in that case, the rules did not allow Inter to use a shirt that featured more than three different colors. On that occasion, however, Inter managed to find an agreement with the competent body and to play with the special shirt produced by Nike. That of Venezia FC will not be included in the list of banned kits, but it is one of the many jerseys stopped (at the moment) by regulations established too many years ago.