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Wikipedia design kits are the most beautiful thing you will see today

Pixel art mixed with football aesthetics

Wikipedia design kits are the most beautiful thing you will see today Pixel art mixed with football aesthetics

Every year we see all the clubs doing their utmost to make a shoot that matches the shirts they produce, but as beautiful and unique as they can be, simplicity is often the greatest sophistication. Wikipedia's design kits are a testament to this, with their almost grainy pixels that give that feeling of incompleteness, they actually manage to perfectly replicate every detail and logo, never leaving anything to chance. Wikipedia has a special template for football kits, called Template: Football, which is used on some 42,000 pages of the world's most famous online encyclopaedia. The templates produced follow the same style and, of course, are not made by a single designer but by the community, like all other pages.

Perfection can also be seen in the Serie A kits, such as those of Inter and Venezia, which are among the most beautiful in the league and truly difficult to replicate. The Inter jersey has a snakeskin weave, while the away jersey has a snakeskin movement that is exactly like the original. The same goes for the Venezia jersey, where in addition to having reproduced lettering and logos to perfection, the away jersey also faithfully reproduces the social colours of Venezia, which cross the jersey from one sleeve to the other with a sophisticated shaded effect. From Venice we move on to Turin, Juventus side, where the three stripes in a gradient ranging from pink to orange and the pattern with very thin coloured stripes that give character to the shirt are reproduced more than faithfully.

The community didn't spare themselves in the Premier League either, where they proved themselves capable of reproducing two jerseys that are anything but simple, such as Chelsea's Op art inspired jersey and Tottenham's away jersey that recalls one of Pollock's most famous paintings. But as well as trying their hand at abstract graphics like these, the willing designers have also reproduced historical and complicated patterns like those on Manchester United's second and third shirts.

The pixel art of the free encyclopaedia doesn't stop there, as well as recreating the PSG home kit inspired by MJ's Chicago Bulls, they also managed to reproduce the iridescent crests used on the Barcelona away shirt, one of this year's trends, as we reported here. In this case, they have also tried their hand at a very particular pattern like the one on the third Bayern Munich shirt. In the jersey that takes inspiration from nature and the mountains that surround Munich, the same white and blue graphics have been recreated perfectly. We are sure that despite the beautiful shootings this summer, the design kits are definitely the most beautiful thing you will see today.