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Monza's new jerseys signed by Lotto for the 2021-22 season

A return to the past to get Monza into Serie A

Monza's new jerseys signed by Lotto for the 2021-22 season A return to the past to get Monza into Serie A

Lotto and Monza have presented their new jerseys for the next season as they attempt the definitive assault on the top flight that they only just missed out on last year. The new kits combine the innovation of the materials, all the jerseys are made of recycled polyester, with the red and white tradition thanks to the return of the vertical band. A unique and precious distinguishing feature that Lotto has deliberately brought back, a tribute to the 79/80 season, which ended in fifth place in Serie B with 42 points and only 3 away from promotion. That season, however, will go down in history as the last of the great President Cappelletti and will mark the end of the golden period that made Brianza and beyond dream at the end of the 1970s. As last year, the Lombard team presented the jerseys inside the Monza circuit, a deliberately superstitious choice.

The design and colours of the jerseys have remained unchanged, the only differences being the position of the sponsors and the coloured inserts in the sleeves. The first jersey, obviously red and white like the club's social colours, already made its debut last week against Juventus in the usual summer appointment of the Trofeo Berlusconi. The historical Lotto logo returns to the centre of the jersey, instead of the diamond logo used in previous years on the sleeves and shorts, the true symbol of the company founded by the Caberlotto brothers.

The two goalkeepers' uniforms take us back in time to that late 90s aesthetic when Buffon was just a kid and Sebastiano Rossi was defending the Milan goal. Designed and produced in two different colourways, black and yellow, the jersey stands out for its complex triangle pattern. In the yellow jersey the weave is tone on tone, almost hidden, while in the black one it is repeated creating an almost hypnotic effect, useful for a goalkeeper. After escaping bankruptcy Lotto tries again together with Monza attempting the lunge to the Serie A that both lack for a long time, Lombard team in primis.