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The first OOF exhibition will be on footballs

"BALLS" is a love letter to the form that drives the English mad

The first OOF exhibition will be on footballs BALLS is a love letter to the form that drives the English mad

Less than a month ago, OOF announced the opening of a contemporary art gallery at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Friday is the day of the inauguration of the new space - at Warmington House - and the English magazine has unveiled a preview of how the museum that combines contemporary art and football will be organized. The debut collection of the OOF Gallery will be "BALLS", a collective exhibition of works inspired by the sporting religion of the English with sculptures by Sarah Lucas, Marcus Harvey, Hank Willis Thomas and other artists. OOF Gallery co-curator Justin Hammond - former curator and gallerist of the J Hammond Projects in Archway and founder of the prestigious Catlin Art Prize - commented on the opening of this art gallery:

"Each artist has sabotaged the essential function of the humble football and spun it into something spectacular, something totally unrelated to the game. These sculptures span the past twenty years and are monuments to political histories, childhood dreams and overwhelming desires"

Each work is based on the shape of the football. Some artists have used cement, others bronze, still others have carved the round shape of the ball in ceramic and clay that makes the whole world dream so much. All the works are distributed among shelves, walls and some scattered in the various rooms - like the incredible armchair made with a huge punctured balloon. All forms of art are a "love letter to the simple, humble football as a ubiquitous cultural symbol, as something that is immediately recognisable and capable of triggering countless thoughts and ideas" as Eddy Frankel, founder and editor of OOF Magazine, said.


Entrance to the gallery is via the Spurs Shop at the Tottenham Experience, Thursday to Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 11am-4pm, Monday 10am-5pm.