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Best and worst green jerseys in Serie A

Everything we will miss but also leave behind from the 2022-23 season

Best and worst green jerseys in Serie A Everything we will miss but also leave behind from the 2022-23 season

"As of the 2022-23 season, the use of green football uniforms for active players is prohibited." This is how the Lega Serie A in a statement published yesterday officially banned the colour green for second and third shirts from the playing fields. No problem then for Sassuolo or Avellino, should they reach the top flight. From next year, the graphics will be able to eliminate a palette of colours that has made us dream over the years, but sometimes also shudder. The problem is purely TV-related and not aesthetic. The aim is to prevent the colour of the uniforms from being too similar to that of the pitch and consequently the viewer from getting confused.

This limitation does not apply to goalkeepers who will continue to wear their classic green uniforms without any kind of problem. Over the years we've seen it all, so we've compiled a list of the best and worst green jerseys in Serie A, to understand everything we'll be missing but also leaving behind from the 2022-23 season.

TOP 3: Milan, Juventus e Torino

In 2015, Milan's sporting revolution also included an aesthetic one, with adidas able to produce a dark green jersey followed by the yellow of the three stripes and the hem of the sleeves. An unusual colour for the Milan team. A real gamble aesthetically successful, but we know that the third jersey almost never follows precise logics. Juventus instead in its history has had more green jerseys, from Nike to adidas, more brands have reproposed this colorway. The one in the photo and that certainly has not gone unnoticed, thanks to the fluorescent colour, was used in 2014 and made by Nike. A simple but still elegant model used mostly in the Champions League than in our league, but that we will not see again.

One year after the air tragedy that involved Chapecoense, Torino wanted to pay homage to the Brazilian club with a new green jersey. A version impossible to forget both for its meaning and for the choice of the stylized bull in a lighter green compared to the one on the shirt. On the inside of the collar is the inscription 'United by destiny', a reminder of the Superga tragedy of 1949. Another winning detail of the jersey is undoubtedly the sponsors and the printing of names and numbers in green, while the club's coat of arms retains its original colours.

FLOP 3: Lazio, Crotone e Atalanta

But there are also green jerseys absolutely to forget, not all of them are aesthetically to be trashed but given the history, tradition and style to which they have accustomed the fans, it was legitimate to expect something more especially since we always talk about alternative jerseys that do not have to submit to any particular rule. Atalanta's jersey is one of these, released before the Christmas holidays in 2019, note the skyline of the city accompanied by a Christmas tree and the logo of the Dea represented in the act of running, elements that do not fully convince. Crotone's shirt this season is also definitely one of those shirts that didn't stand out, with a dark green combined with an almost fluorescent pink that doesn't quite match. Another element that weighs down the shirt further is definitely the pattern, which is very dark and creates a shadow effect in the shirt. 

Another jersey of this season that is not fully convincing is that of Lazio in a fluorescent colour. A chromatic choice of sure impact for the away jersey, but the choice of Macron to propose the fluo green combined with light blue inserts has not been well received in general by fans and not. Another detail that is almost imperceptible and not very convincing is the diagonal band tone on tone that crosses the jersey, where in the lower part you can see the coat of arms of Lazio. A choice that of the Capitoline company far from excellent and that has no connection with the team or the city.