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What went wrong with the launch of the new SS Lazio home kit?

From the confusion on the green color to the basic design

What went wrong with the launch of the new SS Lazio home kit? From the confusion on the green color to the basic design

SS Lazio has launched the new home shirt made by Macron, the biancocelesti's technical sponsor since 2012. Despite the classic elegance of Maurizio Sarri's team kit, not everything went smoothly in this hectic SS Lazio weekend. Already in the teasing part of the shirt, the green color that could be glimpsed in the social content had unleashed the anger of the fans who, on various blogs, had already ruled on the absurdity of the choice to change the traditional color of Lazio. The green that had been spoiled resembled the color used for the second kit of the 2020-21 season, but the SS Lazio marketing office did not calculate the possibility of misunderstanding the color (green) with the message (being "green" considering eco-sustainability of the knitwear production process).

On the launch of the home kit there are three factors that are not convincing: the day, the lack of a shooting and the message itself. Having focused the entire campaign on sustainability is an added value, but in some ways all the brands and all the teams have been following this trend for at least two years to ensure that the world of sport conveys the right message and sensitizes the millions of fans. that gravitate around this universe. In the video published on the biancocelesti social networks, it seems that Lazio is among the first teams to have created a recycled shirt, when instead it is only one of the many clubs to implement eco-sustainable strategies in collaboration with its own technical sponsor.

Another point against the launch is the lack of an impact shooting to accompany the release of the new jersey. On social media, in fact, only studio photos on a white background have been used and no others for the moment: a little bit if you want to be at the level of marketing machines like Inter Milan, Juve, Milan or the same cousins. / enemies of Rome. The relationship between Lazio and the modern aesthetics adapted to social networks has not always been perfect and not only for having mistaken the name of the new coach (from "Maurizio" to "Maruzio") in the presentation announcement. Just go back twelve months and see last year's launch of the match jerseys: for the first, a strange photomontage was created with the players in front of the Pantheon, while for the other kits basic locations such as Formello were chosen.

Finally, the date of the presentation of the new jersey: Sunday. The choice was perhaps dictated by the wave of criticism that came at the time of the teaser of the uniform, but the choice to go out on a holiday without being able to be sure of having maximum media coverage remains incomprehensible.