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adidas has recycled several football shirt designs?

In Bavaria they certainly need new ideas

adidas has recycled several football shirt designs? In Bavaria they certainly need new ideas

If two clues make a proof, then four, five or six make for a heated discussion. Over the years we have seen all kinds of kits, from the crazy ones that didn't make us look at our wedding ring or wallet to the ones that are impossible to wear even on the pitch, through warm or even bright colour palettes, in short everything and more. However, not all of them feature brand new designs.

The issue becomes hotter when teams and brands base their relationship on values such as commitment, innovation and excellence, key words that we are often told nowadays. As Footyheadlines also reports, we can now see that sometimes ideas seem to be lacking, so we resort to recycling that has nothing to do with the environment but with ideas. From national team to club is a common or almost common practice at adidas that we hope will not become a habit as with the goalkeepers' shirts, which we told you about here


The most recent case in point is Benfica's first jersey for the upcoming season and Manchester United's third black jersey for 2020-21. It changes colour, of course, but it's the same intricate design that Bruno Fernandes and his teammates wore a year ago. A choice that doesn't shine for creativity and originality and certainly doesn't reflect the innovative product claimed in the presentation.

Another incriminating design is the one that Ajax and Scotland share, as always the third jersey and the away jersey differ in colour giving the design a different look at first glance. But even here the same design has been used, Scotland's is from 2020 while Ajax's will make its debut next season.

From one national team to another, the away shirt of the Spanish selection seen in the Russian World Cup is the same as the one Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club used in the Premier League last season. Here, too, the triangular design that has not brought much luck to Spain is featured over two years by two different selections.

But the same design also appeared in the shirts of Juventus and Lyon. The design was repeated year after year in the third jerseys, a coincidence that reminds us of the goalkeepers' jerseys, where each year the same jerseys are made for each team, with only a change in colour. First in Italy and then in France, this shirt has undoubtedly been the protagonist of many adventures.