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All EURO2020 soccer boots

From Nike to adidas, more electric and bright colors for the best games of the summer

All EURO2020 soccer boots From Nike to adidas, more electric and bright colors for the best games of the summer

We are now in the hottest phase of EURO2020, the one where every game is in or out, there are no discounts. And as for every new competition, the brands have presented their new packs of game shoes. A renewed collection of all game models in a new look with more electric and bright colors, all with a view to giving better visibility to the touches of the ball and the play of the players.

From Nike to PUMA, passing through adidas up to Pantofola d'Oro, Under Armour and New Balance, here are all the brands and their packs present at EURO2020 that with their models are inflaming the first traveling European. Although as always there are exceptions, one of all Wijnaldum who wears adidas completely black, a prototype probably not yet on the market. Or players like Toni Kroos and Robert Lewandoski who do not give up their historical models wearing nothing new. Then there are those who like Cristiano Ronaldo wears the Nike Mercurial Spark Positivity a model created and designed specifically for him, with a complex and attractive design, whose official color scheme is "Chile Red/Black/White/Total Orange. The new model follows the 'Spark Brilliance' Mercurial that the Portuguese athlete wore for EURO2016.


In a hypothetical ranking of scorers among brands, the players who wear shoes signed by Nike so far are those who have scored the most goals with Cristiano Ronaldo in the lead. In addition to having designed for the latter the Mercurial Spark Positivity, Nike for EURO2020 has launched the Impulse pack with three different models: Mercurial, Phantom GT and Tiempo. Each model is characterized by its bright and summery colors. Usual swoosh in plain sight for all three models, the Mercurial stands out for its turquoise color with lime yellow inserts, while the Phantom GT are totally lime complemented by blue bands. Finally we come to Tiempo, a model now iconic and always sober thought only in solid color.


It follows in this special ranking adidas, in second place. The German brand participates with a new pack of game shoes, the Superspectral containing the Predator, X, Copa and Nemeziz. A pack already seen, used both for national competitions and for the final of the Champions League. The historic Predator are improved with the addition of DEMONSKIN spike that allows the shoe a better contact with the ball - stand out, among the colors, Shock Pink and Collegiate Purple. Not suitable for those who do not like flashy colors are the X Ghosted, almost entirely shocking pink, with orange touches and the classic black three stripes on the forefoot. Definitely much more sober Nemezis and Copa that are distinguished by their technology ensuring a better relationship between foot and ball. 


Tradition and sobriety are the two strong points of the German multinational, PUMA comes to EURO2020 with the Spectra pack featuring Future Z and Ultra 1.2. The Puma Future, the shoes that Antonie Griezmann also wears, are all-white with a FusionFit+ adaptive midfoot compression band that ensures optimal locking. While the Ultra 1.2 are designed for speed, super lightweight available in different colors with a sophisticated ultra soft upper.

New Balance - Under Armour - Pantafolo D’oro

To close the circle we find respectively New Balance, Under Armour and Pantafolo D'Oro that have released unique models for some of their athletes. We start from Pantafolo D'Oro, the model is the classic one, made entirely of kangaroo leather, without designs or logos and totally white. The only one to wear them is Barak, player of the Czech Republic and Verona. New Balance presents itself at EURO2020 with the Furon V6+ model, available both white and fluo yellow and worn by Sterling and Saka. The main features are definitely the almost elongated logo and the Fit Weave upper, optimized for greater sensitivity and responsiveness. The last of the brands present at EURO2020 with its boots is Under Armour, worn by Memphis Depay. The Dutch player took to the field with his Magnetico Pro SL, a shoe available in various colors but that above all manages to adapt to the shape of the foot from the first fit with an upper that flexes under pressure to offer stability at high speeds.