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Are Barcelona FC really about to leave Nike?

PUMA would be ready to replace the Swoosh, on Blaugrana shirts since 1998

Are Barcelona FC really about to leave Nike? PUMA would be ready to replace the Swoosh, on Blaugrana shirts since 1998

Relations between Nike and Barcelona are no longer as idyllic as when the blaugrana ruled in Spain and Europe. The first signs of deterioration occurred last July, when the brand was forced to withdraw all the replica jerseys already produced (and delivered to Barça) due to a significant production error that caused the color to lose. fabric when it comes into contact with liquids (obviously including sweat and water). From then on, ratios are at an all-time low despite a partnership that has spanned 20 years - the Swoosh has been on Barcelona's shirts since 1998.

As reported by the Catalan newspaper Ara, the contacts between Nike and Barcelona have been intensifying in recent weeks to renegotiate the current contract - expiring in 2023 but with the option already planned to extend it until 2028. The confrontation between the club that has just renewed Leo Messi and the Beaverton brand will be a tough tug-of-war whose end can be very uncertain: on the one hand Nike, given the inevitable drops due to the pandemic, will try to drop below the minimum 105 million that it currently pays every year in the coffers of the Catalans; on the other hand there is Barça who want to understand how far the technical sponsor can push before evaluating other offers. Nike, after last season's mistake and numerous misunderstandings with its flagship club, has already granted the e-commerce rights after increasing the percentage of revenues coming from the stores.

According to the Spanish newspaper, which has always been very close to Barça, he reported PUMA's serious interest in the issue. The German brand remains at the window waiting for the evolution of the confrontation between the two partners, but has never hidden the interest in signing a top club like that of the blaugrana. In an interview some time ago, PUMA CEO Bjørn Gulden stated that "Barcelona is our long-standing goal" and all scenarios are open to date.

At the moment there is only talk of a possibility, but there is nothing concrete. Until Nike and Barcelona untie the knot on the renewal and the modalities of the same, PUMA is only considered an interested spectator. Herzogenaurach's brand expansion strategies that have characterized the last three years - with the addition of clubs such as Manchester City, PSV, Fenerbahçe and players like Neymar Jr. - would rise further all of a sudden with the hypothetical signing of a of the best known teams in the world with a global fan base of nearly 58 million fans.