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The new Naples playground inaugurated by Urban Jungle

When a brand truly works for the community

The new Naples playground inaugurated by Urban Jungle When a brand truly works for the community

Playgrounds are part of the Italian sports culture and are also an artistic heritage of the street world. Often, however, their state of decay transforms them from a possible meeting place to forgotten and abandoned places. But there are those who believe in the strength of sport as a driving force, as a tool available to communities. Among these there's Urban Jungle, a brand and chain of sneakers stores that in the last few days has given new life to one of the court of Bagnoli, in the province of Naples.

In collaboration with Charaltans Basket (with Giancarlo Garaffa and Giansandro Morelli already authors of basket installations throughout the Neapolitan hinterland), NbagnoliPremio Green Care (association for the redevelopment of green spaces), Dare Futuro (association that deals with the protection rights of minors and women) and with the crew of the Back To The Style Graffiti Jam, Urban Jungle demonstrated how the claim "United We Can" is more a philosophy of life than a commercial and communication strategy.

All the organizations involved took part in the project and contributed to the creation of a space that has gone from "completely abandoned" to "a safe place in the neighborhood" where all children can access and play. The court was donated to the community and will be guarded by the Nbagnoli crew, the group of young people who have never stopped working to improve the conditions of the playground.

"It's a project without barriers and borders that, through streetwear, sneakers and sports culture, has always combined diversity, giving space and voice to our communities" were the words of Gianluca Salute Brand Director & Co-Founder of Urban Jungle who presented the inauguration event that involved the whole Bagnoli district. The brand is expanding its borders more and more, today it has stores in Morocco, Algeria, Malta, but the local dimension remains an important strength. Having chosen Naples as the national headquarters and having chosen an area of the Neapolitan coast to start improving the conditions of the community is a very strong signal.

Naples is becoming an important hub for streetwear culture and the playground scenario only adds value to this growth. After having participated in the construction of the fantastic Kobe Memorial Park field in via Montedonzelli, Urban Jungle today gives another masterpiece to the city of Naples.