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The new England jersey signed by Martine Rose

With a tribute to the Lost Lionesses team of 1971

The new England jersey signed by Martine Rose With a tribute to the Lost Lionesses team of 1971

After announcing it at the end of May, the collaboration between Martine Rose and Nike takes shape. The special jersey produced by Nike and designed by the Anglo-Jamaican designer was launched today with clear references to one of the most incredible moments in the history of women's football. As announced, the reference to the episode of the English women's national team at the unofficial world championships of 1971 was the inspiration that transformed the Lost Lionesses into the main theme of the jersey.

The shirt is reversible, genderless and full of details that make it special. On the one hand, Martine Rose and Nike pay homage with the # 71 to the epic battle of the English players, on the other hand a design much more similar to the jersey worn today by the English national teams, complete with the designer's "all the best" dedication. This project was launched almost in conjunction with the Fall / Winter 2021 collection of the Martine Rose brand, presented taking inspiration from the style of the Subuteo.




***MAY 26, 2021**
The union between fashion and football seems to know no rest and after the collaboration with Palace and Umbro in 2012, the English national team chose Martine Rose to create a special supporter shirt for Euro 2020. The choice is not random, in addition to being born in
Croydon, the Anglo-Jamaican designer has always incorporated football elements into her collections, often creating real game jerseys combined with formal dresses.

Renamed The Lost Lionesses, the jersey pays homage to the English team that in 1971 took part in an official version of the World Cup organized in Mexico by the Federation of Independent European Female Footbal to ask the Football Association to suspend the decision banning women from playing to football in the UK. The jersey, revealed for the first time in the new issue of THE FACE, however, also takes inspiration from Megan Rapinoe and her choice to wear the American national team shirt on the contrary as a sign of protest against the gender pay gap in the world of football. For this reason, in making her jersey, Martine Rose decided to make it reversible, inserting the classic England shirt on one side and the new version of her on the other.

Waiting to see it in its entirety, we just have to wait for the drop of the jersey set for July.