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Naples and New York meet in the nss Metrostars jersey

Available exclusively on DropX

Naples and New York meet in the nss Metrostars jersey Available exclusively on DropX

In a period in which the football shirt has entered the streetwear world by force, it is normal that nss wants to use this iconic garment as a means to pay homage to two cities like Naples and New York. The nss Metrostars jersey takes inspiration from the aesthetics of the New York Metrostars, combining it with the New York spirit and the Neapolitan one.

To unite the two cities is San Gennaro, patron saint of Naples who also sees in New York, in particular Mulberry Street, a party in his honor. Precisely for this reason the references to San Gennaro decorate the entire shirt, from the emblem with the yellow hat of the saint to the number 19 placed on the bottom of the jersey. But there is also pizza to unite the two cities, a culinary symbol born in Naples and arrived on the other side of the world thanks to generations of emigrants who have brought it to the city that never sleeps. This is why all the nss Metrostars jerseys will be delivered in a special box, a customized pizza box with references to the old MLS.

To tell the story of the jersey there are then two editorials starring Daniele Paudice, a Neapolitan who landed in New York, and J Lord, is the young boy who grew up in Naples with the myth of American rap. To tell their stories through photos were Gaetano De Angelis in Naples and Salim Langatta in New York, giving life to two stories almost 7 thousand kilometers away but close in history and traditions. For the occasion, nss has joined forces with Vincenzo Capuano and Tabita Onlus to deliver 50 pizzas to Neapolitan homeless people with the hope of being able to return at least part of what the city has given to nss throughout its history.

The nss Metrostars jersey will be available today exclusively on DropX, the StockX portal dedicated to limited drops, in what will be the first football release on the platform.