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Leeds officially started the Super League trolling

Launching a blossom of creativity around Europe

Leeds officially started the Super League trolling Launching a blossom of creativity around Europe

In not even 48 hours the Superleague has become the center of the world: it was on the home pages of newspapers in every sector, politicians from all over Europe talked about it, and each club, through its own website or on social media, condemned the decision of twelve teams to create a private league. In the midst of analysis of the pros and cons, the Premier League was played on Monday Night, Leeds-Liverpool, finished one by one. Before the match, the champion Club of England found white T-shirts in their dressing room - that of the guests - the same ones worn by Leeds during the warm-up. 

In black, under the Champions League symbol, it was written in front of Earn it (earn it, in reference to a place in the Champions League) and on the back Football is for fans. Leeds players made all the warm-ups wearing those jerseys, while the Reds did not use them. The references on the Leeds FC jersey were clearly directed towards Liverpool's adhesion of the Super League, and in fact, the match between Leeds and Liverpool was the first to be played in Europe since the announcement of the new private competition. 

Liverpool and Leeds fans - in England you can travel and the main restrictions have been lifted due to COVID-19, and despite Leeds being just over an hour's drive from Liverpool, Reds fans have gone away - have protested against the new Super league outside Elland Road. After the game, Jurgen Klopp told the Guardian: "I've heard there are warm-up jerseys, but we're not going to wear them, we can't." And he added, also considering the current situation in the Reds standings - fifth -: "If anyone thinks they have to remind us that to go to the Champions League you have to earn it then it is a joke, a real joke, and it makes me angry. They put them in our locker room. If it was Leeds' idea, thank you very much. No one needs to remind us of that. Maybe they should remember that."

The twelve teams that make up the Superleague roster come from three of the five major European leagues - Premier League, Liga and Serie A - and the rift between these clubs and the others in their respective leagues is growing. In the last few hours there have been threats of expulsions from tournaments, accusations between managers (Ceferin has called Agnelli a liar, Perez said that with the current system football will collapse) and many posts on social media that testify to a general aversion of European football towards this new sports format. Among them, in the Premier League, Wolverhampton caught interest when on his Twitter profile declared himself champion of England in 2018-2019. On Twitter, also Leeds, in posts related to the match against the Reds, instead of using the word Liverpool, wrote Merseyside Red, the name historically used by PES for Klopp's team.