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Ferrari will unveils a luxury collection in June

Designed by Rocco Iannone

Ferrari will unveils a luxury collection in June Designed by Rocco Iannone

Announced by its CEO and chairman John Elkan, Ferrari will open its own fashion line in June, with a first luxury collection for both men and women. The Maranello car manufacturer already has agreements with Armani and Richard Mille respectively for formal wear and watches, but this new line is an entirely internal production, with which the car manufacturer "will tell the distinctive values of Ferrari (craftsmanship, elegance and innovation) and will be dedicated to lovers of brand and fashion all over the world" - as La Stampa wrote about it. 

For the sale of the new garments, the Rampant Horse will open a network of physical flagship stores and one online. Who will design - indeed, who has already designed - the garments is the designer Rocco Iannone, hired by Ferrari in November 2019 as creative director of Ferrari Brand Diversification. His task was firstly to develop the guidelines and style of the Ferrari brand in its accessories and products, and so, Ferrari opened in Milan a studio led by Iannone himself and formed by a team of young designers. Ferrari will also present a new model of car, a new electric model to be launched in 2025 as part of the new projects related to the sustainability of the Italian car company.

Ferrari is a very strong brand in the world, even beyond sport: with a value of 9 billion dollars it is the strongest Italian brand. In this sense, the opening of its own line of clothes is an important sign of expansion for the Maranello car company, which precisely because of its brand reputation, had often aroused doubts as to why it could not express, in fashion, an aesthetic worthy of its name - until now, there has been Scuderia Ferrari, for some lines of garments, plus a collection with PUMA. A hypothetical entry of Ferrari into the fashion world could be thought of a few weeks ago, with rumors circulating of the hiring of Marco Bizzarri as the new CEO of the company, news then denied by the CEO of Gucci himself.