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Raheem Sterling has opened an own sport agency

He broke off his relationship with his former manager

Raheem Sterling has opened an own sport agency He broke off his relationship with his former manager

Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling has broken off his relationship with his manager, Aidy Waid, who was in charge of managing his contracts with sponsors and pitch performances. From today, the player will manage his commercial partnerships and renewal with Manchester City in person, through his agency 16ninetytwo; In fact, the English player will soon have to renew his contract with the Citizens, and he will do so alone, or rather, together with his mother Nadine Clarke. In fact, as Versus explains, the English Football Federation (fa) prevents a player from haggling his own contract - technically, he could not act as an "intermediary" of himself - and therefore, the English player involved his mother as sole director of the agency.

16ninetytwo is a decoy for Sterling not only to have more control over his performance, but also to learn more about the surrounding reality. In fact, Sterling is an eclectic player off the field, with interests in particular for fashion and always at the forefront of the fight against racism; this new position as an "agent of himself" could make him even more man image off the field as the leader of a new generation of self-managed players. While he is not the first to take such a step - fellow Southampton player Ryan Bertrand already runs a player agency, First Access Sport - City's talent is taking an important step forward in his career; It is, in fact, a position to establish that its future is in its hands.

For now, however, it is unclear what Sterling's direct involvement with 16ninetytwo will be, but it is likely that the signing of his new contract will be managed by the English player's agency. Perhaps, even his next chatty move to New Balance could be followed by his agency. 

Sterling's news is not entirely new in 2021 football. In fact, there are several players who don't have a manager to manage them. One of the most recent cases is that of Kevin De Bruyne, who instead of signing a contract with an agent to manage his performance and deals, hired a data analysis team to improve his performance. Milan Skriniar also signed without the supervision of a sports agent a year ago, and Suso, a former AC Milan player now at Sevilla, has also made it known that he is dealing with his agreements independently.