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Even AC Milan has joined the world of NFT

Thanks to a partnership with Sorare, following other Italian clubs

Even AC Milan has joined the world of NFT Thanks to a partnership with Sorare, following other Italian clubs

AC Milan announced the start of a partnership with Sorare, the digital platform for the sale and exchange of digital card in NFT format. The Rossoneri - who at the cryptocurrency level also have an agreement with Chiliz and, with whom they presented the ACM Tokens - reach the Italian Juventus, Napoli Calcio, AS Roma and SS Lazio on the virtual card gaming hub; in Italy these companies have started contracts with the platform for a year now, and at European level, they have followed other important clubs such as Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

In total, 119 football clubs have signed an official license with Sorare, most of which - as Cryptonomist  specifies - come from the United States, with 26 MLS clubs. The most represented European tournament is Ligue 1, with 6 teams, and now, with the arrival of AC Milan, Serie A has become the second.

The Rossoneri have signed for a multi-year partnership and have already started selling their digital cards. Sorare users will be able to participate in auctions for AC Milan talent and use various forms of payment (on the platform, at blockchain level, the Ethereum circuit is used), as for the first auctions opened by AC Milan for some players, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Franck Kessie and Gigio Donnarumma. AC Milan fans can buy individual players, but also packages with multiple NFT, and get to complete their team for virtual fantasy football.

How Sorare works 

On Sorare, users build custom teams with which they participate in virtual tournaments via NFT cards. It is the exact principle of fantasy football, only instead of credits, euros, dollars or Ethereum are used. Of each card there are 100 copies (in NFT) in rare mode, 10 in super rare mode and a single type of the unique mode, the highest of the value for that player. Sorare gives away 10 players to allow the member to have a base for their team, and the cards can be obtained in three different ways. You may not pay anything and play the Rookie League (the league where you can use common free cards), or purchase cards from other users (through auctions and exchanges) or by participating in auctions opened by Sorare. 

In official tournaments (organized by the platform), each team deploys five players, one per role, who are awarded a score based on real performance (such as Fantasy Football), but multiplied by card value: multipliers are 7.2 for rare cards, 14.4 for super rare cards and for only (the highest) of 30. Calculations for each day also include bonuses related to the specific card, such as the "captain" card.

There was a lot of talk about Sorare about a month ago thanks to the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo's NFT card, paid 252,800 € by a user following what had happened in February on Top Shot, the digital card marketplace owned by NBA, in which Lebron James' card was sold for 162,800 €. The purchase of the CR7 card has made it possible to make the reality of NFT known more in the world of football, although this type of blockchain has long become popular. Especially thanks to Elon Musk and his billion-dollar investment in bitcoin, which has increased the value of cryptocurrency stocks; subsequently, another highlight of NFT was in the art world with Christie's, which with the sale of the work Everydays: The First 5000 Days for 58.22 million euros set the record for the sale of a digital work of art.